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Reviews on things to make your travels better

The Occasional Traveller is always looking to partner with like-minded companies that can help people travel better or more efficiently. I handpick my partners and only endorse what I like or deem to be useful. Please contact me for proposals and rates.

All advertising, affiliate links and sponsorship opportunities will always be clearly indicated on The Occasional Traveller. All content originating from The Occasional Traveller should always be clearly credited to Jaclynn Seah or The Occasional Traveller and linked back to and/or the appropriate social platforms accordingly. It should not appear that the content was written by someone else other than me.

Past Collaborations / Media Trips

I have worked with a wide range of corporate partners to promote travel to various destinations

#JacTaiwaninSG for Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore

#JacTaiwanInSG was initially a collaboration with Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore (TTBSG) to promote travel from Singapore to Taiwan in 2020. But due to the pandemic, it turned into a way to keep Taiwan on top of mind for Singaporeans unable to travel there in 2021 because of restrictions by highlighting elements of Taiwan’s culture right here in Singapore.

TTBSG sponsored the blogposts and social posts and shared them on their platforms, while I conducted the research and collected + produced all the content.


  • 9 Facebook Posts on TTBSG FB
  • 12 Facebook Posts on TOT FB
  • 39,548 Reach
  • 4 Instagram Posts on FlyScoot IG
  • 4,605 Reach
  • TTBSG had unique content allowing them to promote Taiwan amidst the pandemic here in Singapore, allowing them to create engagement with local audience despite lack of travel
  • Facebook and Instagram coverage over 2 months on TOT platforms
  • I was also invited to participate in a live chat with The Wandering Wasp to recommend places she could visit on a future motorcycle trip around Taiwan which garnered over 100 positive reactions, 400+ comments and a max of 70 participants in total

#TaiwanderingwithScoot for Scoot Airlines

Local experiences in Taipei

#TaiwanderingWithScoot was a collaboration with Scoot Airlines in 2018 to promote travel from Singapore to Taiwan on their social media platforms. The aim was to showcase more unusual parts of Taiwan easily accessible from Scoot’s hubs in Taipei through written blog guides and short vlogs.

Scoot sponsored flights to and from Taiwan as well as travel costs for this project, while I conducted the research and went on 4 trips, undertaking the writing, filming and editing of all the content.


  • 5 Facebook Posts on FlyScoot FB
  • 5 Instagram Posts on FlyScoot IG
  • Scoot had unique coverage of Taipei beyond the touristy stuff to share on their social platforms and create engagement with their audiences
  • Additional Facebook and Instagram coverage over 9 months on TOT platforms

Tourism Boards & DMOS




I do sponsored articles and personally review items that I think are useful to travellers


Why work with me?

Kenya Diani Beach Skydive View

Something Different

I am looking for opportunities to showcase unusual destinations or a different side of popular places that people think they already know. I want to tell stories about local experiences, interesting ways to travel alongside the guide of must-dos in a country. I am interested in how to make travel better and easier for myself and my readers.

Extended Reach

The Occasional Traveller has over 400 original blogposts that may be available for syndication, but as a freelance travel writer, destinations I visit may also be featured in other publications that I write for.

I put together travel guides on my own blog to help other busy travel lovers plan their own trips in the form of blogposts and/or videos that can be easily shared as content on social media.

Japan Osaka Umeda Sky Tower Journalling
Yilan Nanfangao Observation Deck Me

Seasoned Traveller

Started in 2010, The Occasional Traveller is one of the longest-running personal travel blogs in Singapore and has established a solid reputation as a trusted source of information. I have been invited to speak as a travel expert on several panels and written widely about my travels.

I am a seasoned independent traveller and most of the travel content on my blog is based on my personal experiences and I believe in transparency to my readers. I only work with companies and post about what I can endorse personally.