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Gather the ladies for a girls night out at Quincy Hotel

So right after my crazy travel month of April where I was in Perth, Shanghai and Phuket over 3 consecutive weekends, I found myself out of the house again the following weekend, though this time at the Quincy Hotel to celebrate a good friend J’s last few weeks of singlehood.

I’ve been hearing good things about Quincy Hotel from time to time, so I was pretty excited when they invited me and my girl friends to check out their new Girl’s Night Out package! A rundown on what’s part of the deal:

Quincy Hotel - Girls Night Out Package Details

Champagne, Chocolate, Clubbing – 3 Cs you need for a fun hen’s night with the girls!

I really enjoyed my stay there, and Quincy Hotel definitely is a stand out from your usual run of the mill hotels. Here’s a more in-depth review of my stay there.


Quincy Hotel - Facade 2

A photo taken in relief at finally reaching the hotel. It was a really hot day to be walking up slope…

Quincy Hotel is located on the top of a hill along Mount Elizabeth Road, which is right in the center of the shopping district where Orchard Road is, so definitely very centrally located. It’s not quite along the main shopping stretch though – you can walk up along Mount Elizabeth Road from Somerset MRT station between Lucky Plaza and Paragon about 10-15 mins, or cut through York Hotel along Scotts Road (next to Far East Plaza) which is a much faster route to take – I tell you that from personal experience!


Quincy Hotel - Welcome Key

All hotel welcomes should be accompanied by a bottle of Moet Rose and fancy chocolates!

After a bit of a hike, I finally made it up to the hotel and checked us into the rooms. The Girls’ Night Out Package comes with a bottle of Moet Champagne and fancy pralines, which was quite a kick to see waiting on the table as we entered, a real nice start to a fun weekend ahead!

We had two rooms under the package and they managed to give us adjacent rooms at 707 and 708. The rooms in Quincy are all studio rooms though, so we still had to take a key to go back and forth between the rooms – would be nice if the rooms actually had adjoining doors.

But no real complaint here – the rooms in general were pretty spacious, with a large comfortable double bed that sleeps 2 easily and actually fits 3 skinny girls quite comfortably if they don’t roll around too much (we had 5 girls, so one of the rooms had 3 pax)

Quincy Hotel - Room Pano 2

Room 707 from the entrance. the toilet entrance is on the right. Odd thing about this room is that it smelt a bit damp for some reason that day, but everything else was in good order.

Quincy Hotel - Room Pano 1

The room but from the window seat – room 708’s window seat was wider than this and came with cushioning even, which is actually where one of the girls decided to sleep for the night. The toilet comes with a rain shower and bathtub.

Our rooms were facing west towards Scotts Road and because we were on an incline, had a pretty decent view of Scotts Road.

Quincy Hotel - Room View Pano

If you notice a road leading towards the horizon on the right side of the photo – that’s the short cut through York Hotel to bring you down to Scotts Road.


The one thing that’s really special about Quincy Hotel is what they call their Signature All-Club benefits – in most other hotels, it means those with Club access (like my stay in Rendezvous Singapore and Scarborough) have access to the club lounge, and other fancy perks like free minibar or cocktails. In Quincy, this simply translates into FREE FOOD. ALL THE TIME.

Seriously, how awesome does it feel to help yourself to food without forking out extra money or seeing the charges on your credit card. You can help yourself to the drinks in the mini bar…

Quincy Hotel - Room Minibar

Being able to drink from the mini bar without paying always feels like a WIN. Alcohol wise there are only 2 cans of Carlsberg Beer though, but this was awesome for Singapore’s weather.

Food felt it like was perpetually available during our stay – there was something to eat every time we popped into the Lobby Restaurant during the day, and we’re not talking random snacks, but good nosh courtesy of Modesto’s and Dean & Deluca! I had a muffin and ice cream in mid-afternoon, and during cocktail/dinner hour I had a free cocktail and some very awesome mushroom pasta which I had to stop myself from eating too much of so I wouldn’t spoil my dinner. Breakfast aside, I also managed to grab a light lunch of mushroom soup and sandwiches before checking out – for lazy people and smaller eaters like myself, this is the life~

Quincy Hotel - Breakfast

Girls having breakfast – it’s not a huge buffet line but there are enough options available. There’s cereal, porridge, salad, and the Western breakfast options including a rather yummy chicken-mushroom ragout which I loved.

Quincy Hotel - Food

A smattering of the food that I had. The D&D rainbow cake was very popular and showed up a lot on instagram as well.

Quincy Hotel - Jac Ice Cream

Free flow soft serve ice cream! Seriously, look at my happy face.


Quincy Hotel is a small boutique hotel, with just over 100 rooms spread over 14 floors. There’s a small pool on the 12th floor – not very large at all but it has pool floats and a fabulous view of the Orchard Road area. There’s not a lot of room and just 4 deckchairs, so hopefully you don’t have to share the pool with a rambunctious family with kids!

Quincy Hotel - Facade 1

See that bit sticking out near the top? That’s where the swimming pool is!

Quincy Hotel - Pool Art Jam

There’s a couch area with more seating if there aren’t any deckchairs available, though this area is looking pretty crowded with easels because they had a free art jamming session that afternoon open to all hotel guests.

Quincy Hotel - Pool Float

Me in a pool float – the red building in the distance is Ngee Ann City, a popular shopping mall along Orchard Road.

Quincy Hotel - Pool Sunset

We watched the sun go down – sadly it disappears behind that cluster of buildings in the distance so you don’t get to see a proper sunset.

Besides a swimming pool, there is also a gym and a sauna on the same level 12 so you can go get a workout if the pool is too busy.

If you’re afraid of getting bored, fear not. They organize several activities that you can take part in – there’s art jamming in the afternoons where you can just freely paint a canvas with the picture of your choosing, movies are also screened at the same pool deck area in the evenings, and there are cupcake making lessons as well, which unfortunately I didn’t have time to investigate before I had to rush off.


So after a nice evening of lounging in the pool, we headed back down to wash up and get ready for a long night ahead! We started out with the champagne in the room…

Quincy Hotel - Girls Night Out

Pink champagne! The Girls Night Out furry headband doesn’t come with the package – that’s just what we made the bride-to-be wear all night long

Then it was time for free cocktails in the Lobby Restaurant – my drink below is the Qool Cuba, while the other girls gulped down a Singapore Sling each before we headed out for the night. Also a part of the package is a complimentary one-way limousine service to fetch you to Butter Factory, but we used our ride to head to Binomio for dinner instead.

Quincy Hotel - Cocktail

Cocktail hour while waiting for the other girls to finish dolling up – with two rooms and two bathrooms at least that gets sped up!

And another great part of the package is the free entry for 4 (actually each pass can bring in a +1, so that’s 8pax in total!) to Butter Factory, and the 4 complimentary free drinks at Art Bar. Butter Factory is one of the hipper clubs in town, and it has been such a long time since we’ve done any sort of clubbing, so it was kinda nice to chill out with the girls :)

Quincy Hotel - Butter Factory Entry

Free entry and free drinks, what’s not to love!

Overall we had a really fun Girls’ Night Out and a great celebration for our dear hen J who is now happily married! I enjoyed the hotel and can see why it’s so highly rated in TripAdvisor (with a score over 90!) – the all inclusive all-club benefits and various organized activities also make it easy for you to stay in the hotel premises and for girls who just wanna hang out together, it’s a great way to bond.

Thanks again to Far East Hospitality and Quincy Hotel for arranging the complimentary stay. All views are my own.