Singapore is my home country and when I can’t travel, I try to spend more time exploring this little country of mine. If you are visiting Singapore soon, welcome! You’re probably looking for some tips on things to do in Singapore, so here are some to get you started, or see all my Singapore posts.

You can get most of the touristy recommendations from Visit Singapore – what you’ll see here are less common things to do do that you might not find in a typical Singapore tour.

Singapore Flag

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Less Touristy Singapore

Places of Attraction

  • Small quirky museums to visit in Singapore – niche museums that offer a fun and personal experience
    • A Peranakan Tea Experience at The Intan is a more in-depth look at one of these museum experiences, which is really someone’s shophouse with lots and lots of Peranakan (the mixed culture of Straits Chinese and Malay) artifacts
  • Haw Par Villa – I associate this park more with my childhood, and it’s definitely a lot more derelict these days, but it’s still home to some pretty bizarre Confucianist statues and the infamous 10 gates of hell, so if you want to see something weird in Singapore, this is a good place to go
  • Shuang Long Shan – this isn’t much of an attraction, and probably just a strange curiousity to find a cemetery right in the middle of a housing estate in Clementi, surrounded by tall HDB buildings
  • Street Art in Singapore – one doesn’t think of Singapore as a place for graffiti and street art, but we have some pretty cool neighbourhoods worth checking out
    • Kampong Glam – this Malay/Arab heritage quarter is home to the statuesque Sultan Mosque, traditional cloth shops, and indie hipster retail, set amidst some lovely shophouses
    • Little India – the Indian heritage area honestly doesn’t feel like Singapore some days, it’s great for a look at the local Indian culture and food
    • Bugis-Bras Basah – lots of museums and cultural landmarks in this area
  • Sleeping overnight at the SEA Aquarium – the aquarium at Resorts World Singapore is quite a popular tourist attraction, but sleeping over at night in front of the giant tank was quite the experience
  • Hidden gems in Singapore as recommended by a local – is what it says it is, a sponsored post I wrote for Expedia looking at some of the less common things to do in Singapore

Food in Singapore

Festivals in Singapore

  • Chinese New Year in Singapore – this happens in January or February every year and is the only 2-day public holiday we have. As the majority of Singaporeans are Chinese and things tend to shut down on the first day, here’s what to expect if you are in Singapore during this period. Chinatown is also the most festive and crowded during this time.

How to explore Singapore

  • Journey to the west by MRT – it’s not as 100% reliable as it used to be, but when it works, our metro/subway system is the best way to get around Singapore. This is an article I wrote for Turkish Airlines Skylife about the sights you can see when you take the MRT from Changi Airport in the East all the way to the West
  • Sightseeing Singapore through the Haze – when Singapore get hit by the forest fires from Indonesia, here are some  suggestions for indoor things you can do
  • The Dawson and Alexandra Heritage Trail in Queenstown – this trail is not as common but lets you trace some interesting buildings in Singapore, including the first HDB blocks

Singapore Culture

What does it mean to be Singaporean, and what are some of the stereotypes and things you’ve been told about Singapore? Some views from a local’s perspective

Where to stay in Singapore

Hotels in Singapore that I’ve done reviews on