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Please read my Work with Me page first to understand how I work.

Hello! I love hearing from you and how you feel about the blog and will try to help you as much as I can!

My contact form is being cranky, drop me a note theoccasionaltraveller {at} gmail {dot} comJac

  • Please do NOT email me about these things – your email will most likely be ignored or deleted:

    • Changing my website design or anything SEO related
    • Submitting ‘guests posts’ as sneaky ways to put your links on my website
    • Asking me to write an entire blog post for you for free
    • A generic email that is neither travel related or relevant to anything on this site
  • Some things that will make me happy and more likely to respond to your email:

    • Addressing me my name AND spelling it right. ‘Website owner’ or ‘Editor’ just means you don’t really care so I’m not going to either
    • Asking me something specific – I’m happy to help with travel advice but asking me a question that you can google yourself doesn’t help either of us. Do your basic research first, I’m here to plug the gaps with what I know