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Bangkok, Thailand - Artbox

My Readers
I love hearing any feedback from you and will try to answer emails as much as I can.
I’m happy to try and help you with any travel related questions, but PLEASE do your basic research first (i.e. GOOGLE) and ask me specific questions that you can’t already find answers to. I’m happy to help with travel advice based on my experiences, but I’m not here to do your travel planning for you for free.

For Collaborations / Companies
Please read about Working with Me first to see if you or your company would be a good fit to work with The Occasional Traveller.


  • Address me by my name. Spelling my name correctly goes a very long way in creating a good first impression with me.

Don’t do these things or I’ll likely just ignore or delete your email:

  • Address me as editor/website owner – I delete these without reading
  • Spam on website design, SEO, Instagram followers…
  • Submitting ‘guest posts’ as sneaky ways to get free linkbacks.
  • Ask me to write, advertise or add links for you for free. Just, NO.
  • Don’t send me anything not travel-related or relevant to TOT

If my contact form is being cranky, drop me a note theoccasionaltraveller {at} gmail {dot} com