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Singapore Street Art - Little India Rowell Court

Jaclynn Seah is a Singaporean who has spent most of her life in the little red dot. An avid traveller, she loves jetting around the world for new adventures, but has learned to appreciate the beauty of returning to Singapore, and enjoys sharing about her home country in writing and in person.

Jaclynn is a licensed tourist guide in Singapore who conducts tours in English. She is an established travel writer who co-wrote the 2023 edition of Lonely Planet Singapore and writes about Singapore and her travels for various publications.

Looking to hire a private tourist guide in Singapore?

If you want someone who can share the best tips on navigating Singapore’s major tourist attractions while showing you the hidden secrets of its vibrant local culture, drop me a note and let’s talk about how I can help you make the most of your trip to Singapore.

My Tours

I can show you all of Singapore’s main tourist sights through my lens, but here’s what I’m really passionate about.

Singapore Street Art Walking Tour

We’ll hunt down some of Singapore’s best street art and murals and uncover the hidden stories of Singapore’s most iconic neighbourhoods. I’ll share more about the area’s history and culture as well as artist background and details to look out for in the artworks so you can better understand how they were created.

A typical street art walking tour takes around 2-3 hours and covers a mix of street art and landmarks of that neighbourhood. Private tours are completely customisable based on interests and needs.

There are many places we can visit, but my favourite arty neighbourhoods I recommend exploring:

  • Chinatown (Kreta Ayer)
  • Chinatown (Telok Ayer)
  • Kampong Gelam
  • Little India
  • Jalan Besar
  • Tiong Bahru
  • Joo Chiat

I have plenty of street art guides if you’re more of a solo indie traveller, but with me bringing you around, you won’t have to waste time searching out the artworks, ask questions and learn more about the artworks and location beyond my writing.

Singapore Street Art Little India Jaba Daily Delivery Complete

Guiding Experience

Officially licensed as a Singapore tourist guide in 2024, I have experience showing people around Singapore through various other projects in earlier years.

OH! Open House

I was a volunteer guide who led art walks in various Singapore neighbourhoods through past editions of OH! Open House, an independent art organisation. Districts guided include Kampong Gelam, Emerald Hill and Joo Chiat.

Profile Me Emerald Hill Human Library

Amazon Explore (closed)

As a guide with Fourwinds, I created and hosted various hour-long virtual tours around Singapore during the pandemic from 2021-2022 when travel opportunities were limited, introducing an international audience to Singaporean tourist attractions like Chinatown, Little India and the Singapore River, with a focus on street art.

Unfortunately, this beta programme was shut down in 2022 after two years, but I gained a lot of experience and was trained quite intensively in that short period.

Me holding a gimbal and mobile phone in front of a colourful mural in Kampong Gelam

Voicemap Audio Tours

Coming soon

Guest Reviews

Amazon Explore reviews were archived before the platform was removed.

This was my second tour with Jaclynn and I really enjoyed it. She makes you feel as though you are right there and does a great job of weaving together history and fun facts, occasionally interjecting helpful maps or pictures to really hit home a point. […] Jaclynn will suffer through the incredible heat for you so you can enjoy Singapore without even breaking a sweat. I knew virtually nothing about Singapore before these tours but have learned alot and enjoyed these tours very much. Someday, I hope to see it in person, but this is definitely the next best thing.

Sultans & Street Art in Kampong Gelam (Amazon Explore)

This was my first Amazon Explore tour. What’s the big deal, I thought. I can just see and learn stuff on the internet. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the experience. Our tour guide, Jaclynn was fabulous. She invited us to ask questions, which we did. […] She molded the tour based on our questions and made the 1 hour tour a really good experience. I had my computer video output connected to our big screen TV. There were 4 family members in the room, all sitting on our comfortable couch and experiencing some of the sights and sounds of Singapore!

Shrines & Shophouses of Telok Ayer (Amazon Explore)

This is the 2nd tour we’ve done with Jaclynn, and it was awesome again! She really feels like a friend who’s showing you around, and does well with engagement. This was a great look at Little India, and there’s plenty of street art and brightly colored buildings to keep you interested. She does a good job of pointing out interesting oddities that give a better look into what life is like there, which makes it feel different from other tours. You get a bigger picture of the area, which gives a deeper appreciation. And it’s just cool to wander around (ok she knows where she’s going) and take in the sights while getting tidbits of culture and history. Overall, really awesome tour, will book another!

Murals & History in Little India (Amazon Explore)