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Jaclynn Seah is a Singaporean travel writer, content producer and storyteller whose work has been featured in international and local publications. Her background is in the arts, communications and marketing and she has experience with video production, digital curation and corporate writing.

Things Jac enjoys writing about: travelling for the busy person, street art in Singapore and beyond, narratives and guides to places she’s visited, in particular her home country Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia.


I have been invited to contribute and pitched articles for various travel publications

South China Morning POst [Newspaper]

Street Art in Singapore

Lifestyle / Travel & Leisure article

JAN 2020 – This article explored Singapore’s street art scene through its neighbourhoods and the stories behind some of its most popular murals and interviews with the artists.

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Read at SCMP [Paywall]


I have been commissioned to produce articles, listicles and blogs for many major online travel publications


I have shot and edited vlogs and short videos for various collaborations and assignments

#TaiwanderingWithScoot for Scoot Airlines

#TaiwanderingWithScoot was a collaboration with Scoot Airlines to promote travel from Singapore to Taiwan on their social media platforms. The aim was to showcase more unusual parts of Taiwan easily accessible from Scoot’s hubs in Taipei and Kaohsiung through written blog guides and short videos.


I am a seasoned guide who has created travel guides and routes around Singapore

Virtual tours on Amazon Explore

Singapore virtual tours

In the pandemic days of 2021, I worked with a Singaporean travel company Fourwinds to create and host virtual tours for US customers in various parts of Singapore.

See all available tours at Fourwinds
See all available tours on Amazon Explore [for US-based addresses only]

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