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Street art guides

I love looking for street art when visiting a new city, and it’s become one of my favourite ways to explore and see a different side of a new destination. Here are a bunch of my street art guides from my home town Singapore and my travels around the world.

Asia Pacific

Street Art in Singapore

There is a surprising amount of street art in Singapore despite the historically strict laws against vandalism. Read a little about the evolution of the Singapore street art scene, and check out the Singapore street art guides that I personally compiled and update regularly. Also, follow @singaporestreetart on Instagram or check out my Google Map below for more.

Street Art in Asia Pacific

Asia’s street art scene is up and coming and there are lots of cool neighbourhoods all around the region with great street art works. It’s personally helped me explore some lesser known spots in busy city capitals!

Street Art in Europe

Europe has quite a developed street art scene and many cities are home to colourful murals from local and international artists. Lots of great works to see in Europe.

Street Art in America

I saw plenty of street art in North and Latin America, I just haven’t had the time to put together good guides! Cool spots include Vancouver and Bogota.