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Jaclynn Seah

Hello! I’m Jaclynn Seah, also known as The Occasional Traveller, a Singaporean lady who loves to travel, even though I can only do so occasionally because I have a full-time job. I started this blog in 2010 in the midst of a hectic full-time career when I realised that I had too many annual leave days leftover that year because I had actually forgotten to travel.

This blog is written for the busy working professional who loves to travel despite having limited time. Use my experiences to plan your own trips easily, be inspired by my tales of wanderlust and learn from my travel fails and wins – the ultimate aim is to remind you to take that time off for your next trip and to travel more.

Weekend Warrior

Adding up the short trips and maximising my weekends and leave for travel

Warsaw, Poland

Most of you reading this probably have a full-time job. I believe that you can enjoy a fulfilling life of travel while balancing a successful career. It may mean sacrificing time, sleep or some other aspect of your life, but if travel is your number 1 priority in life, you can make it work somehow.

Steady income on a full-time job is how I saved enough money to afford travel. I gave up time and flexibility, but having savings gave me the means to travel to so many places around the world.

I use most of my annual leave days to travel overseas, whether it’s for a short 48 hours or long weekend getaway around Asia, or planned in advance to do a longer and more epic trip to somewhere further. See how I do it in my annual round-ups.

I know that planning a trip is often what puts people off travel, so I hope that my experiences and recommendations can make it easier for you to plan your own trips.

My epic career break

2016-2017: 15 months of solo backpacking across 35 countries

Medellin, Colombia - Guatape

In 2016, I quit my full-time job to take a break from 9 years of full-time work. I wanted to experience what longer-term travel was like and to visit places further away which are hard to do on a typical 2-3 week vacation. I wanted to figure out my next career move and needed to be inspired again.

15 Months. 35 Countries across 5 Continents. 1 Amazing Experience. This Career Break was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and hopefully not the last.

Read more about it in these interviews with Business Times Weekend and Tripzilla.

I freelanced for 2 years before rejoining the full-time work crowd in 2019.

I’m based in Singapore and am a freelance travel writer growing my portfolio of travel writing work, including clients like The Culture Trip, Skyscanner, Scoot and Turkish Airlines Skylife amongst many others.

I have undertaken many content collaborations with brands for The Occasional Traveller, hit me up for content production and FAM trips.

Other work I do includes writing for the arts and sports, as well as contract corporate communications and project management work – drop me a note to find out more.

Solo travel advocate

Yes, you should give solo travel a shot

Bucharest, Romania -Chimopar Factory

I’m a big advocate for solo travel, especially for fellow women who might be nervous about it. I love the freedom that comes with being independent overseas, how it’s helped me to make new friends and not having to adhere to anyone’s plan but your own.

I believe everyone should try solo travel at least once even if you ultimately decide that it’s not for you.

My first solo trip was in 2011 to Seoul in between jobs and I’ve been hooked ever since. My goal is to try and travel solo at least once a year.

Other places I’ve experienced as a solo traveller include Vietnam, Dublin, Prague, Portugal, Penang and my entire Career Break which spanned various countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Veering off the path

I love finding the extraordinary along the well-trodden track

Nairobi, Kenya - Giraffe Centre

I love travel because I love visiting new places and having experiences you can’t get back home.

It’s easy to lose yourself to the comforts of familiarity, but travel pushes you to always look beyond what you know and to keep a broad mind. It gives your own life so much more perspective.

A lot of my trips involve popular and easy-to-get-to countries around Asia, just because it makes sense for tight budgets and short timelines.

But I’m always trying to find the more interesting and less trodden paths, whether its alternative countries to check out or unusual sights in a popular city – leave a comment or two on any of my posts if you have cool suggestions on alternative things to do in that place!

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