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Spanish lessons in Singapore with Las Lilas Spanish School

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Travelling has been a little sparse since my epic Career Break and I’ve been back in Singapore figuring out life, but my weekends have been spent taking Spanish lessons with Las Lilas Spanish School to try and keep my hard-earned pidgin Spanish from 4 months in Latin America from disappearing completely.

I have invested all that time and effort to properly learn some Spanish after all, and I think I managed some pretty basic communication after 4 months of living the language in South America, but back here in Singapore where I mostly speak English (and Singlish), I could feel that tenuous grasp on Spanish start to slowly slip away.

Yo Hablo Espanol Shirt

I speak Spanish… really! Well I try :)

There are not very many recent reviews about Las Lilas Spanish School online, but when I polled my friends about a possible Spanish School in Singapore, Las Lilas was the overwhelming choice that people recommended, so I reached out to the school about working together to make sure all my Spanish lessons would not go down the drain.

So while my Spanish Lessons with Las Lilas were sponsored, the opinions and reviews here are all my own – I thought I’d give you a low down about what a typical Spanish lesson is like with Las Lilas from my own experience. And awesome news: I have a discount code for anyone who might be interested in signing up for their own Spanish classes at the bottom of the post.


Las Lilas Spanish School has been in Singapore since 2005 and is one of the pioneer Spanish schools in Singapore. It specialises in teaching Spanish and employs teachers who are native Spanish speakers from Spain or Latin America.

The school is located on the 8th floor of The Bencoolen, an office building right next to Sim Lim Square and Hotel Ibis – click to see the Google Map Location. It’s a pretty convenient central location a short walking distance from Rochor, Bugis or Bras Basah MRT.

Las Lilas Spanish School Reception

The reception of Las Lilas

Spanish Class Review


Since I had some Spanish basics already, I had to do an entrance test that involved answering multiple choice questions in Spanish, as well as a one-on-one interview in Spanish (of course) with one of the teachers. Ultimately, I was placed in level A1.3.

For reference, A1.1 is the absolute beginner level course, I had covered some of the stuff that we did in A1.3 before, but since my foundations are still a little shaky, it was good revision for me.

Aula Spanish Textbook

We worked from the textbook and some worksheets – if you’re wondering what’s happening in that worksheet, we were playing Battleship by conjugating Spanish words

You will need a textbook for the class, the AULA Internacional 1. I bought the book from the reception because it was convenient, but if you are a bit more prepared than I am and want to save some money, get your book online. The book is essential for lessons and homework so you can’t really do without it unfortunately.

Get your book via the publishers Difusión (free shipping because it’s over 20 Euro), Amazon or Books Depository.

Class time

My class was conducted weekly every Sunday morning, 10 sessions in total of 2 hours each. For those in a rush, sometimes they conduct intensive sessions where you finish your 20 hours over 2 weeks of class every weekday night. That’s how I learned in Panama where it’s a bit of a crash course if you can afford the time.

It might be the weekend morning timing or that it started over the holiday season, but my Sunday morning class was pretty small, ranging from 2-6 people every week. Other classes especially for the beginner A1.1 level can have as many as 12 students, but it doesn’t get bigger than that. Perhaps it was also because lots of people were on holiday during December, and we had some substitute teachers as well, and while they had different teaching styles, overall the classes are well organised and smoothly run.

The classrooms are pretty basic rooms, but they use quite a fancy whiteboard cum projector. Our lessons are a mix of listening and writing exercises, conversation and even some role play and games in Spanish – practicing your marketing bargaining skills in a pretend market will come in useful, trust me. Some teachers used more English than others in their teaching, but all were native Spanish speakers.

Las Lilas Class Lyrics

This gives you a sense of what the classrooms look like, my usual class isn’t so big, but over Christmas, we had a combined session where we got to practice singing ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ in Spanish. (I think this song is creepier in Spanish than in English)

A fairly recent thing you can do to supplement your classes at Las Lilas is to check out their Virtual Campus where you can access more study and practice materials, which is great if you don’t want to bother looking up your own resources or pay for more online apps. I’ve tried some listening exercises on the Virtual Campus so far and hope to use it a bit more diligently in time to come.

Other activities

Besides classes, Las Lilas Spanish School does organise some of its own activities. They had an Open Day with little bits of Spanish culture like trial flamenco lessons, culture talks and even paella for sharing. And at the end of each term, there is a Spanish karaoke session which is pretty fun as well.

There aren’t that many opportunities to interact with people outside your class at this point, but I know the school is looking into planning more activities in the near future. It’s not the most social of places, perhaps I’m comparing this to my time at Habla Ya, but that was a much more touristy crowd. A large percentage of the Las Lilas students are locals using their Skillsfuture credits to learn a new language :)

All in all, I’m quite happy with my Las Lilas Spanish classes and hope to continue working on my Spanish in the near future! It’s definitely harder work now that I’m not using the language as much as I was in South America, but I hope to improve my grammar and conversation level for when I eventually return to that region. I’ve had quite a positive

Las Lilas Spanish School Discount Code

Use the code TOT5LLS to get 5% off your course fee. Note that this only applies for brand new students to Las Lilas, as well as those not using their Skillsfuture credits. Or if you are emailing them, just quote my blog name ‘The Occasional Traveller’.

Hasta Luego mi amigos. If you see me around, drop me an Hola!

My Spanish lessons were sponsored by Las Lilas Spanish School.

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