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Need a vacation but you’re too busy to travel?

Jaclynn Seah is The Occasional Traveller, a solo female traveller from Singapore who knows what it’s like to balance work and wanderlust. Short on time? Here are my tips and stories to help you plan your own quick getaways and be inspired to travel more.

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Personal stories and detailed travel guides for the solo indie traveller

Things I enjoy

Street Art & murals

I love hunting for street art in Singapore and on overseas trips – it helps me explore and find unexpected spots in new cities!. Check out my many guides on the best places to find street art around the world.

Offbeat spots in Singapore

Singapore has its well known tourist hotspots, but I enjoy exploring the lesser known bits of my home country. It may be a small country but there’s still lots to learn! See all my Singapore related posts.

Solo travel

I’m a big advocate for everyone trying solo travel at least once in their life! It may not be for everyone, but I love the freedom of doing my own thing and want to encourage everyone to give it a shot!

Travel tips for busy people

Everyone’s busy, but you shouldn’t be too busy to travel if that’s what you love! I share my thoughts on finding time to travel and tips to help busy folk plan for their own trips.

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