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Travel writer milestones: I co-wrote a Lonely Planet Singapore guidebook!

This year is a milestone birthday year for me but unlike other years where I usually plan an epic birthday trip, I can’t really do too much this year because of the timing of my impending tourist guide license assessment. (Yes, I’m working on becoming a licensed tourist guide in Singapore!)

Regardless, it’s been a pretty epic start to the year so far. For starters, the 13th edition of Lonely Planet Singapore that I co-wrote is finally out in print! It’s always been one of those lofty daydreams that baby travel writers have when they first get started, to see your name on one of these guidebooks that help people get around, so I’m pretty proud and stoked to have contributed to this edition.

This blog’s been around since 2010, and I started writing for others around 2013, but the novelty of seeing my stuff published has never really faded.

It’s a great way to kick off a new decade :) I’m curious to see what new insights I’ll have to share in future when I look back on these posts, like my 30s travel and 20s travel posts.

If you’re wondering what the new Lonely Planet Singapore guide looks like, here are some snippets that I contributed to that they’ve shared on their shop page. It’s a bit of a change from the original LP style which was more info-heavy, but they’ve had to pivot with today’s new reliance on the internet and instant updates, so I hope you’ll find this new format useful as well.

Lonely Planet Singapore Cover
Lonely Planet: Singapore (13th Edition)
Lonely Planet Singapore Authors
There were 3 writers on this edition of LP Singapore – as the noob I contributed to the back sections covering West Singapore, Sentosa, Day Trips and some essays
Lonely Planet Singapore: Day Trips
Day trip options when you need to escape Singapore’s shores
Lonely Planet Singapore Essay: Stories from Singapore's Walls
Can’t help but write about street art in Singapore

Researching for this travel guide and all the additional studying I’ve had to do for my tourist guide license (if anyone wants to do this, know that it’s not a walk in the park) has definitely made me learn even more about my home country. I thought I knew Singapore pretty well before, but I definitely appreciate how much more I’ve learnt.

Anyway that was just a quick update of what’s going on here in the background. While the consistency of posts is very dependent on how my life is going, I still love travel and love writing about it, so thanks all of you still reading for sticking with me all this time.

Next year I’m definitely going to have to do something properly epic to make up for this birthday though!

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