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Last Updated on 22 August, 2020

Little India is popular with visitors to Singapore who can’t get enough of how ‘un-Singaporean’ this Indian heritage district is – Singapore’s legendary orderliness and neat grids of tall buildings give way to a more hodgepodge, bustling and colourful area of low shophouses and the perpetual scent of spices, flowers and delicious food scents in the air. In recent years, Little India has also become a prime area for murals and street art in Singapore. I’ve put together this detailed guide on where to find all the street art in Little India as you visit its popular attractions.

The surge in the number of works is largely thanks to the emergence of ArtWalk Little India, an annual arts festival that embeds artworks that reflect the heritage and culture of this colourful neighbourhood.

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Navigating Little India

Little India is a fairly large neighbourhood that you can spend a fair amount of time walking around in. I’ve split this guide into 4 areas around major landmarks so you can see the sights while taking in the street art.

Little India Street Art Map
Getting there: The closest MRT station is Little India (NorthEast Line, Downtown Line), or Lavender (EastWest Line) if you are headed to Jalan Besar

Check out Singapore Street Art on Instagram for more places in Singapore to discover awesome street art or my embedded Google Map below. You can also check out my Singapore Street art guides for Kampong Glam, Chinatown, Bras Basah-Bugis or heartland areas like Jurong West for more street art, or see my full line up of street art guides from Asia and around the world.


Around Tekka Centre

Tekka Centre has a pretty awesome hawker centre and wet market that has some cheap and good local street food – I suggest stopping by Tekka Centre to grab some lunch or take a drink

  • Race Course Road – Eunice Lim
  • Chander Road – Jaxton Su, Nadiah Alsagoff
  • Kerbau Road – Speak Cryptic, Zero
  • Belilios Lane – Psyfool, Yip Yew Chong, Boon
  • Buffalo Road – Ts1 and Haha

Race Course Road

On the side of shophouses right behind the Little India MRT Station Exit E, near the junction with Kerbau Road

Singapore Street Art - Little India Race Course Road Cattleland2
Cattleland 2 is pretty bright and cheery!

Cattleland 2 is by artist Eunice Lim created for ArtWalk Little India 2017. The work is a tribute both to the name of the nearby Kerbau (that’s a Malay word for Buffalo) Road and the reverence that Hindus place upon cattle, look closely at the traditional Indian patterns on the cattle.

This work is actually the second mural that Eunice has created for Artwalk Little India – the first piece could actually be found on the wall next to it back in 2015. I personally liked the first work but sadly it was removed the following year and the wall remains blank

Singapore Street Art - Eunice Lim Cattleland
The original Cattleland by night taken in 2015 – it’s a huge piece that apparently the artist drew freehand with just a grid to guide her!

In the alleyway between Shophouse 48 and 50 along Race Course Road that connects to Chander Road (closer to Race Course Road

Singapore Street Art - Little India Race Course Road Ride Pano
A Ride Through Race Course Road – a community mural by Jaxton Su Jingxiang

This 20m long mural is called A Ride Through Race Course Road, showing a racehorse galloping through a crowded traditional Indian street market. It’s a visual story that tells you how this road got its name – from the nearby Farrer Park area that used to be a horse racing track. This community mural was painted by Jaxton Su with the help of migrant workers and students.

Singapore Street Art - Little India Race Course Road Ride High
Don’t forget to look up!

Chander Road

In the alleyway between Shophouse 48 and 50 along Race Course Road that connects to Chander Road (closer to Chander Road)

Singapore Street Art - Little India Jasmine
Madame Mogra, Jasmine of the City by Nadiah Alsagoff

This large climbing Jasmine is another Artwalk Little India 2017 work called Madam Mogra, Jasmine of the City, a tribute to the sacrifices of migrant workers who come to Singapore to work for higher wages. My favourite part of the work is around the back where you’ll see a rather lifelike squatting worker in construction clothing tending to the Jasmine plant. You’ll notice that this is quite a busy alley despite being quite well hidden as lots of people and workers take their smoke breaks here.

Singapore Street Art - Little India Jasmine Worker
You won’t see this bit from Chander road as it is hidden by the bend of the wall
Singapore Street Art - Little India Jasmine Pano
It’s quite a longish artwork and a very tight alleyway
Singapore Street Art - Little India Jasmine Flower
Closer look at the flowers

Kerbau Road

Side of Park 22 Hotel, 60 Kerbau Road

Singapore Street Art Little India Speak Cryptic In The Clouds
In The Clouds by Speak Cryptic for ArtWalk Little India 2019

A well known Singaporean visual artist, Speak Cryptic‘s trademark pieces are in black and white and match pretty well with the aesthetic of the Park 22 Hotel which has the Colonial black and white houses theme. The flowers in this mural called In The Clouds are a mix of chrysanthemums, jasmines, orchids and marigolds, flowers that you will find in the traditional garlands sold along Buffalo Road. You’ll often find these flowers interwoven into Indian women’s saris as well.

33 Kerbau Road, next to the colourful Tan Teng Niah House

Singapore Street Art Little India Kerbau Zero Diff Fusion

This artwork by Singaporean street artist Zero was also done for Artwalk Little India 2019 is called DIFF/FUSION and is inspired by the distinct smells of cumin, coriander and other popular spices used in the Indian culture that you scent in the air as you walk around the area. It’s a visual representation of the sensory overload one often feels while exploring Little India. It’s also right next to the colourful Tan Teng Niah House which is popular with the Instagram crowd.

Belilios Lane [Updated]

An alleyway leading behind the shophouses off Belilios Lane

Singapore Street Art - Little India Psyfool
Traditional Trades of Little India by Psyfool

Head over to busy Belilios Lane and it’s hard to miss this very large piece by Psyfool called Traditional Trades of Little India which features various Indian tradesmen that can be found in this area. There is the parrot astrologer who uses a parrot to pick fortunes, a garland maker who makes these fragrant flower chains, Kacang Puteh man who sells the street snacks, and of course the dhobis – washermen and women for which the Dhoby Ghaut area was named for!

There used to be a hidden work further inside the alley by Mojoko, reminiscent of old Indian cinema posters. Sadly as it’s a paste-up work, it didn’t hold up to Singapore’s rainy weather very well and you can’t see it anymore.

Singapore Street Art - Mojoko Belilios Lane
Sensory Overload by Mojoko – By the time I saw this in January 2016, it was already faded (below). The photo above was taken by Chris Chai who helped to install it and the colours were much more vivid, though there’s something quite charming about the faded version…

20 Kerbau Road, Village Curry – next to the Trades artwork

Right across the road from the Trades of Little India work is a piece that might go unnoticed on the side of the wall of Village Curry. This mural is by Yip Yew Chong whose heritage works can also be found in Chinatown. This piece showcases traditional curry and prata making, as well as old school cattle farming, and even a tiny Taj Mahal window view that you can enjoy while you eat.

Singapore Street Art YipYC Village Curry
Village Curry by Yip Yew Chong

22 Belilios Lane, alleyway behind Aqueen Heritage Hotel

Around the corner from the Traditional Trades work is this massive wall of three peacocks by Boon aka BAKED for ArtWalk Little India 2020 titled Mayura (Sanskrit for Peacock – they appear a lot in Hindu stories as a representation of time). I love the sheer scale of these peacocks parading down the alleyway but it is also nigh impossible to get a good shot of all three of them at a go.

Singapore Street Art Boon Mayura Peacocks Pink
Mayura by Boon – this is from the Belilios Road end.
Singapore Street Art Boon Mayura Peacocks Green
If you are walking over from Traditional Trades and Village Curry (behind me in this shot), you’ll see the green peacock first

Buffalo Road

6 pillars of Tekka Centre on ground level facing Buffalo Road

Singapore Street Art - Little India Tekka All
Cricket and Classical by Ts1 and Haha

Head over to the famous Tekka Centre and look for the entrance to the carpark along Buffalo Road – that’s where you will spot these lovely collaboration works by Singapore’s TraseOne and Australia’s Haha aka Regan Tamanui is celebration of SG50 for a project called 50 Bridges in May 2015 titled Cricket and Classical – both Indians and Aussies are huge cricket fans. I liked the Indian dancers and how they really bring out the colour and flavour of the Indian culture. Haha covered the Cricket works while TraseOne did the Indian dancers.

Singapore Street Art - Haha Cricket 2
Close up of Haha’s work – he’s famous for his stencils
Singapore Street Art - TraseOne Classical 3
This Classical Indian dancer is quite beautiful – this colourful cloud background is a signature of Trase’s works in this particular period
Singapore Street Art - Haha Cricket 3
Notice the birds in his art? Those are a nod to Australia as they are Aussie birds
Singapore Street Art - TraseOne Classical 1
I’m digging the vibrant colours in the background
Singapore Street Art - Haha Cricket 1
Cricket is a popular game to the Indian community, as well as the Australian one
Singapore Street Art - TraseOne Classical 2
I love the subtle bird shape in this background


Around Indian Heritage Centre

The Indian Heritage Centre is a super modern and funky looking building with sharp edges and reflective surfaces, quite a large contrast to the weathered shophouses surrounding it. A very informative and interactive museum worth checking out if you want to learn more about the Indian diaspora in this part of the world. Also, it’s a great place to cool off in if the weather gets too hot outside.

  • Tekka Place Khairulddin Wahab
  • Upper Dickson Road – Jaba, Eunice Lim, Priyageetha
  • Clive Street – Song, Ts1, Ceno2
  • Dickson Road – Dyn, Sobaandwine
  • Perak Road – Ernest Zacharevic

Tekka Place [New]

2 Serangoon Road, interior of shopping mall level 1 (near escalators)

This mural for ArtWalk Little India 2020 is located inside Tekka Place but the colours are quite vibrant and striking. Titled ‘Travellers‘, this mural uses lots of nature motifs and the colours and design bring to mind Indian textiles, or perhaps even something akin to batik. Khairulddin is a pretty accomplished artist and his work has a lot to do with Southeast Asian history and culture, though this looks quite different from his usual art style.

There is another work on the exterior called Circles that I missed, oops! Will update when I get a picture.

Upper Dickson Road

68 Serangoon Road, at the junction with Upper Dickson Road

Singapore Street Art - Little India Upper Dickson Jaba
Kathaka by Didier Mathieu aka Jaba – the name is a reference to a type of Indian dance. The next work is around the corner, in the alleyway just past this building

These Kathaka Indian dancers are not the easiest to photograph because of the location and pillars. You probably have seen Didier Mathieu aka Jaba‘s works if you’ve been to Kampong Glam – they are all over the side of Piedra Negra, although the style there is quite different from these works that he created for ArtWalk Little India 2017.

Singapore Street Art - Little India Upper Dickson Jaba Green
The artist was inspired by the colours and movements of Indian dancers

82 Serangoon Road, Siyamala Bookstore, right across the road from Kathaka

Right across the road from the Jaba work is another mural by Eunice Lim (who did Cattleland 2 above) called Book-a-Meeting for Artwalk Little India 2018 which is an ‘extension’ of the 30-year old Siyamala bookstore it is connected to. The mural has an instruction to tell the man ‘Nalla’ – that man is the same person sitting at the corner and running the bookstore.

Singapore Street Art Little India Siyamala Bookstore Long
See how the mural extends from the shopfront
Singapore Street Art Little India Siyamala Bookstore Owner
This is how the bookstore looks from the front, and a very nice owner :)
Singapore Street Art Little India Siyamala Bookstore Detail
A closer look at some of the fantasy like detail

An alleyway just past Kathaka and Book a Meeting, near the junction of Serangoon Road and Upper Dickson Street

Singapore Street Art - Little India Upper Dickson Loops
Loops of the Precious by Priyageetha d/o Diayalan

Loops of the Precious is a little bit more hidden, but you can find it in a little alleyway just past the Didier work above. This was done for ArtWalk Little India 2016 by Priyageetha d/o Diayalan. It was inspired by the artist’s grandfather who was a goldsmith, another traditional trade popular among the Indian community found in this area.

Clive Street [Updated]

20 Clive Street, diagonally across the road from the Indian Heritage Centre

Singapore Street Art Song Scent of Lights
A Scent of Lights by SONG

This colourful graffit-style piece called A Scent of Lights by local street artist SONG is meant to visually represent the hodgepodge of smells and sights you get in Little India, from burning incense and jasmine flowers, to glittery gold bangles and rainbow hued spices. It’s a bit more abstract but the longer you stare at it, the more you see familiar images pop up, and I love the brightness of this work – it was done for ArtWalk Little India 2019 which has a fragrance theme.

104 Dunlop Street, the cross junction of Dunlop Street and Clive Street, down the road from the Indian Heritage Centre

Singapore Street Art - Little India Clive Ts1
Alive @ Clive by TraseOne aka TS1

TraseOne’s work for ArtWalk Little India 2017 Alive @ Clive is this large colourful piece of an Indian dancer right in the middle of what feels like Little India’s busiest junction. I think it definitely captures the vibrancy of the area and is really eye catching! You’ll notice the colours and style are similar to his Cricket and Classical work along Buffalo Road done 2 years prior.

The Singapura Club, 102 Dunlop Street – directly opposite Trase’s work

Singapore Street Art Little India Singapura Club Ceno
by Ceno – this restaurant opened in June 2019

It’s hard to miss this bright red wall and the two large portraits of an old Chinese samsui woman and a turbaned Indian man. The style of this work is pretty recognisably Ceno2’s work – the samsui woman is quite reminiscent of his Chinatown piece in Amoy Food Centre, and the turban-wearing man brings to mind the older Singapura Club outlet along Haji Lane which also has a similar portrait.

Dickson Road

The green space along Dickson Road between Clive Street and Perak Road

Singapore Street Art - Little India Dunlop Dyn
I Am Still Here by Dyn

Further down from the Upper Dickson murals, you should come across this open green space. At the time I saw it in mid 2017, there were lovely colourful buffalo statues all around this mini park and lots of people were just sitting around and enjoying the art. On the shophouse wall facing this green space is this mural by an artist called Dyn called I Am Still Here which is meant to put a face to a place that continue to hold on to traditions even in the face of modernism. She looks a little like she’s peeking out from behind those trees.

2 Dickson Road, back alley behind Wanderlust Hotel

Singapore Street Art Little India Dickson Road Sobandwine
Those flowers are Marigold flowers, and if they seem familiar, they are used copiously during Mexico’s Day of the Dead, something I found out from watching the movie Coco. The Hindus also use them a lot in their traditional rituals

This untitled work by Sobandwine for Art Walk Little India 2018 is meant to be an anonymous love email letter of sorts and a bit open-ended using the flower language instead of actual words. Marigolds are apparently meant to be a love charm of sorts, but the symbolism of marigolds range far and wide from despair to creativity depending on your culture so make of that what you will.

Perak Road

12 Perak Road, Perak Hotel behind the Verge at the junction with Mayo Street

Singapore Street Art - Perak Hotel Money Boy
Giving you an idea how high up the artwork is

Most of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic’s works in Singapore are found in Kampong Glam, but you can find one of his earlier works from 2012 here at Perak Hotel – a cheeky little boy with a hundred dollar bill on a fishing line. If you have a chance to go inside the Perak Hotel, you might also be able to spot some of his other works that you can’t see from outside – check out this photo album for more.

Singapore Street Art - Perak Hotel Money Boy Close up
view from below so you can see the detail


Near Mustafa Centre

Break up your street art hunting by popping into the famous 24-hour Mustafa shopping centre, the perfect spot for insomniacs or anyone willing to dig a little for a good bargain as stuff here is a little cheaper than in other shopping malls in Singapore.

  • Rowell Road – Elmac, Jaba
  • Desker Road – Shah Rizzal
  • Baboo Lane – Jaba
  • Hindoo Road – Izzad Radzali Shah, Zero
  • Veerasamy Road – A’shua Imran, Song

Rowell Road [Updated]

107 Rowell Road, Alleyway connecting Rowell Road and Desker Road, close to Jalan Besar

Singapore Street Art Little India Jaba Future Reminiscence
Future Reminiscence by Jaba

The pedestrian stretch between Rowell and Desker Road tends to see a lot of plants and motorbikes, but after Artwalk Little India 2020, it’s now home to a massive colourful wall by Jaba aka Didier Jaba Mathieu, the guy also responsible for that very distinct wall at Piedra Negra along Haji Lane. He’s also done a couple of walls around Little India for ArtWalk Little India, and this is his 2020 piece Future Reminiscence. It’s a mishmash of past and futuristic Indian temple architecture in one eye-catching mural.

Singapore Street Art Little India Jaba Future Reminiscence Elmac
He kept the Elmac work quite intact, including some of the signature lines around the piece

What’s unusual about this work is that Jaba kept the original piece that has been on this wall since the Singapore Night Festival in 2010 by prominent American street artists Elmac – he did paint over another work which I’ll show you below, but I’m glad he kept this one because it’s one of my favourite pieces, and it’s one of the older existing murals that’s still around today.

Singapore Street Art - Elmac Light
Light in Little India by Elmac – this is one of my all time favourite works in Singapore and around the world. Here’s what it looked like before Jaba’s addition

I first saw Elmac’s work in London and was blown away by it – he has a very distinct style using concentric circles that is great to see up close – only to be even more stoked when I found out he actually created a piece in Singapore. He uses actual people as subjects, and while this portrait Light in Little India looks like a local Indian man, it’s actually based off a photograph of a person he met in Miami.

If you’re curious how the alleyway used to look like before Jaba came along:

Singapore Street Art - Little India Rowell Alley
The building on which the works were on was previously the Post Museum, after that it was Broadcast HQ, and is now UltraSuperNew Gallery
Singapore Street Art - Tyke Witnes Green
Green Goblins by Tyke Witnes

The more graffiti-style work in that same alley by American street artist Tyke Witnes AWR which is quite different from the Elmac work, but still impressive techniques and quite striking though it was looking a bit more faded as time went by. I’m a little sad this was painted over given that it was created alongside the Elmac work and just as old, but I guess that’s just the nature of street art. I personally liked the original wall better and wish they’d given Jaba another wall instead.

Desker Road

120 Desker Road, side of CreatureS restaurant, in the same alleyway as the Elmac and TykeWitnes work above

Just down the alleyway is this new work by Shah Rizzal for ArtWalk Little India 2019 called Flavours, and meant to be a visual representation of the smells of spices and herbs around the area. It looks a little like a swirling galaxy from afar.

Singapore Street Art Little India Shah Rizzal Flavours Alley
Flavours by Shah Rizzal – you can see the Tyke Witnes and Elmac work just a bit further down
Singapore Street Art Little India Shah Rizzal Flavours
a better look at the work from the exercise area

And here’s a peek at something that used to be on this wall when the restaurant was called Bellwethers Bistro – a surprising series of fairytale related art.

Singapore Street Art - Bellwethers Boy Wolf
The work is signed fd’13 (at least I think it is) but I have no clue who that is

640 Rowell Road at the junction of Veerasamy Road and Hindoo Road

Singapore Street Art - Bellwethers Fairytale
Sadly, these works were getting painted over last I saw (Nov 2014)
Singapore Street Art - Little India Rowell Court
Cute mural in the void deck

There are a bunch of different murals located in the void deck of Blk 640 Rowell Road, where the Jalan Besar Rowell Court Resident’s Centre is, but this one by Kyerule is my favourite.

240 Serangoon Road, junction with Desker Road, next to Usman’s Restaurant

Singapore Street Art Little India Shah Rizzal Layers
Layers by Shah Rizzal

This quirky rendition of Little India called Layers by is also by Shah Rizzal for the 2018 edition of Artwalk Little India. It’s a bit different from his usual more graffiti style, but you can actually find all these buildings in this mural around Little India, so keep your eyes peeled. Note there are some dotted line silhouettes, room for more new things in future alongside the mishmash of the current day.

Baboo Lane

212 Serangoon Road, close to junction with Baboo Lane, side alley of A1 Fashion

I love this giant work by Jaba (who did Kathaka above) called Daily Delivery along Serangoon Road which is a look at the traditional tiffin business, where meals were delivered to people around the area in tiffins or stacked metal containers.

Singapore Street Art Little India Jaba Daily Delivery Complete
Daily Delivery by Jaba

Here’s a shot of the artist in action back in 2018 – I was pretty lucky to see him at work while on the media tour for ArtWalk Little India 2018.

Singapore Street Art Little India Jaba Daily Delivery
Jaba at work on his piece for ArtWalk Little India 2018

Hindoo Road

1 Hindoo Road, close to junction with Serangoon Road

Singapore Street Art Little India Izzad Razzali Festival
Festival by Izzad Radzali

This mural has lots of Little India elements in it, and I have to admit this kind of style isn’t my thing but it’s pretty bright and vibrant and fun.

11 Hindoo Road, close to junction with Serangoon Road, overlooking carpark

Singapore Street Art - Little India Hindoo Zero
Working Class Hero by Zero

This portrait in Working Class Hero is of an iconic Tamil film star called Rajinikanth in his heyday (he’s a bit older now) who is apparently a favourite of the working class folk and meant as a tribute by notable local street artist Zero to the migrant workers living in this area. This is yet another ArtWalk Little India 2017 work.

Veerasamy Road [Updated]

2 Veerasamy Road, Alley on side of Tiny Island Productions

Singapore Street Art Little India Veersamy Song Weaving
Weaving Through Time by SONG

This is a really narrow alleyway so trying to take in this work from ground level or trying to get a decent picture is a bit difficult, but I love how detailed and beautiful this piece by Singaporean street artist SONG is. Weaving Through Time draws inspiration from the religious sculptures and architecture of Little India, but I love the way the graffiti style is incorporated into the piece.

Previously, this wall was home to a work called A Sailor’s Guide to Little India by A’shua Imran for ArtWalk Little India 2018, an imagined map that reflects the journeys of the people who first arrived in Little India that tells stories about their lives and encounters.

Singapore Street Art Little India Veerasamy Ashua Sailor
A Sailor’s Guide to Little India by A’shua Imran


Jalan Besar [Updated]

This hipster neighbourhood is where you’ll find backpacker hostels and fancy cafes amidst a somewhat industrial area. Not quite as busy as Kampong Glam but definitely where those in the know like to hang out.

Strictly speaking, I wouldn’t consider the Jalan Besar district a part of Little India, but it’s close enough to stroll over to and there aren’t any other notable street art works in Jalan Besar to talk about, so I thought I’d include them in this guide for now.

  • Plumer Road
  • Horne Road
  • Hamilton Road
  • Tyrwhitt Road

The first three murals were commissioned by Guinness to launch their new Foreign Extra Stout and created by Illustration Studio MadebyBen.

Fun fact: Ang Ji Gao is Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) for Red Tongue Dog, the local colloquial name for Guiness Stout here in Singapore because the local distributor called Blood Wolfe had a bottle label with a wolf’s head emblem (with a panting red tongue!)

The murals can be found in 3 different streets in Jalan Besar:

Singapore Street Art - Jalan Besar AJG Horne
66 Horne Road, right outside the Bravery Cafe, near the Jalan Besar Stadium
Singapore Street Art - Jalan Besar AJG Hamilton
Junction of Hamilton Road and Lavender Street – Shiok is the local slang for something that loosely means ‘awesome’ (it means more than that, it’s not a word easily translated)
Singapore Street Art - Jalan Besar AJG Plumer
Junction of Plumer Road and Jalan Besar

If you swing over to hipster coffee joint Chye Seng Huat Hardware along Tyrwhitt Road, you might notice these fun black and white murals by Mike Herabot, visual artist and the man behind that other hip coffee joint Botanist. Collectively titled “I dreamt of a life where all was how I imagined it to be”, this is an interconnected series of 6 murals.

Singapore Street Art Jalan Besar CSHH Herabot Pano
I dreamt of a life where all was how I imagined it to be by Mike Herabot for Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Share your favourite street art works in Little India with me.

Check out Singapore Street Art on Instagram for more places in Singapore to discover awesome street art, or a global street art site that I contribute to called Street Art Cities.

If you are in Singapore, you can also check out my guides for Kampong Glam, Bras Basah-Bugis district, Chinatown or head to the residential Jurong West for more street art, or see my full line up of street art guides from Asia and around the world.

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    1. The one by Eunice got whitewashed recently… the one by Haha and Ts1 I’m pretty sure was still up the last time I was there though! But then again these things can change pretty quickly!

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