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Where to find Street Art in Bangkok

Many Singaporeans think of Bangkok just as a cheap shopping paradise or a food heaven, but if you head to its streets to explore, you will find lots of interesting street art and murals hidden along its many little sois and alleyways. If you are looking for a break from the malls or just want to see a different side of Bangkok, I’ve put together this detailed guide on where to find street art and murals in Bangkok. I’ve also included nearby landmarks and train stations to help you plan your trip as well.

Updated Aug 2017

Where to find Street Art in Bangkok Thailand


This area is not far from Central World mall and easily accessed by BTS – the Ratchatewi station is closest although National Stadium BTS is also fairly near.

Chalerma park

Chalerma is a park and playground covered with murals and graffiti and popular among the hipster crowd for getting their OOTD shots. Make sure to check out the tiny lanes in the surrounding area – it’s a small bustling local community and you’ll see some works on the walls amidst people going about their daily lives.

Getting there: Exit Ratchatewi BTS station in the direction of VIE hotel. This little park can be seen along the main Phaya Thai road – the entrance is on Si Sirut or Petchaburi 18 Allery just off Phaya Thai.

Bangkok Street Art Chalerma Park Swing
Whee! Goofing around on the tyre swing in the park
Bangkok Street Art Chalerma Park 2
There is a large concrete space and you’ll see these large works quite easily. Spot the Alexface and Bon work!
Bangkok Street Art Chalerma Park 1
Lots of graffiti that makes excellent backdrops for your OOTD shots
Bangkok Street Art Chalerma Park 3
Some graffiti that’s a bit more visual
Bangkok Street Art Chalerma Park Streets 1
On one of the side streets outside the park
Bangkok Street Art Chalerma Park Streets 5
This work right outside the park’s entrance was particularly poignant because of the King’s recent passing!

Saen Saep Canal

You can find graffiti style works all along the walls on both sides of this canal. It sees a lot of human traffic as there is a ferry pier right at the bridge, and there is a small park on the opposite side of the river with more works and you might find locals playing some volleyball or sepak takraw.

Getting there: exit Ratchatewi BTS station in the direction of Asia hotel – you should be walking on the opposite side of Phaya Thai Road from Chalerma Park (see entry above). Cross the river via Hua Chang Bridge – to your right there should be some stairs that lead down to Hua Chang Bridge Pier. There are murals on both sides of the river as you turn left and walk away from the bridge.

Bangkok Street Art Saen Saep Canal 5
Graffiti lines both sides of the canal
Bangkok Street Art Saen Saep Canal 4
Colourful and vibrant, they really brighten up the walkway
Bangkok Street Art Saen Saep Canal 1
The park where locals were playing volleyball and sepak takraw


Many of the works from the Bukruk Urban Art Festival 2016 which brought in many foreign street artists can be found here. This stretch is found along the Chao Phraya River between Saphan Taksin and Hua Lamphong BTS stations.

Saphan Taksin Station

Right outside the train station is a work by Dutch artist Daan Botlek. He has a pretty interesting account of painting this wall, which was not the original one he had in mind! Still it’s quite an eye catching piece.

Getting There: Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin BTS Station and go out by Exit 1. The wall belongs to Shangri-la Hotels and is located close to the river.

Bangkok Street Art Daan Botlek Pano
Pretty in pink – Daan Botlek’s work stretches across one very long wall

In addition, take the stairs up to the flyover – walk on the left-hand side across the river. If you look to your left, you should see this cute rubber ducky anatomy by Nychos. He’s got a pretty distinct style and a much better picture of his work on his instagram – I saw his work previously in San Francisco too!

bangkok htz nychos zoomin
You could try getting closer to the artwork, though apparently it’s a private dock so I’m not sure you’ll be able to get up close to it! I took this from the bridge thanks to the zoom function on the Moto-Z Play phone and Hasselblad lens attachment that I road tested

Charoen Krung Soi 32

Charoen Krung Soi 32 doesn’t look like much at first, but walk down this road and right at the end you’ll see a very long wall on your right covered with works from various artists. There are so many works here that it’s impossible for me to put them all up, so here’s a little sample of what you can see!

Getting There: You could walk from Saphan Taksin or Hua Lamphong BTS Stations – Personally I’d start from Hua Lamphong and make my way downwards because there’s not much to see between Saphan Taksin Station and Charoen Krung Soi 32

Bangkok Street Art CKR soi 32 alexface
Thai artist Alexface and his trademark creature – you might have seen his works in Singapore or in Penang!
Bangkok Street Art CKR soi 32 kult
I quite like this piece by Thai illustrator Kult – god knows I hate drawing faces when it comes to portraits :p
Bangkok Street Art CKR soi 32 bonus
Another Thai artist Bonus TMC who is famous for his bear character
Bangkok Street Art CKR soi 32 sakyai
Bicyclesby an artist called Sakyai
Bangkok Street Art CKR soi 32 phai
Art by Phai

Charoen Krung Soi 30

Just a bit further down from Soi 32 is Soi 30 where you will find two works – one by Italian artists Sten and Lex who work in a stencil technique that you might not even realise it is street art given its rather abstract nature, and another by my favourite Portuguese street artist Vhils whose works I first saw in Lisbon.

Getting There: You could walk from Saphan Taksin or Hua Lamphong BTS Stations – I’d see these works in conjunction with those in Soi 32 & 28.

Bangkok Street Art - Vhils
Scratching the Surface project – this took place a little after the Bukruk 2016 festival in conjunction with the Portuguese Embassy (it’s their wall!) as a gift to Bangkok
Bangkok Street Art CKR Soi 30 Sten and Lex
I think it will look more compelling from a distance! It’s inspired by all the exposed hanging cables around the city

Charoen Krung Soi 28

A short distance down from Soi 30 and 32 is this alleyway where you will find a number of works. It seems to be quite arty as you’ll find some little galleries hidden here as well! Make sure to cross Charoen Krung Road to another small alleyway just opposite where you’ll find food and a surprising number of cat and rat murals too!

Getting There: You could walk from Hua Lamphong BTS Station which is closer than Saphan Taksin – turn left at the river and follow Thanon Mahapurutharam all the way down till you hit Charoen Krung Road. I’d see this alley in conjunction with those in Soi 32 and 30.

Bangkok Street Art CKR Soi 28 Muebon
Bon and his iconic bird known as Pukruk – more here. I first saw his work in Penang
Bangkok Street Art CKR Soi 28 Daehyun
Below Bon’s work is this small piece by Korean artist Daehyun Kim. This work is part of a long ongoing series called Moonassi.
Bangkok Street Art CKR Soi 28 Saddo
Romanian artist Saddo has this work directly opposite Bon and Daehyun’s pieces – I spotted his work back in Bucharest
Bangkok Street Art CKR Soi 28 Bird
This house looked abandoned but I found a few works on the walls inside the gate
Bangkok Street Art CKR Soi 28 Cloud
A random cloud on the 2nd level
Bangkok Street Art CKR Pano
Look for these kitties in the alleyway across the street from Soi 28!
Bangkok Street Art CKR Rat
There’s a rat as well
Bangkok Street Art CKR Camera
And for reasons I can’t understand, a weird donkey-camera hybrid

Decho Road

This work by a Japanese artist Motomichi Nakamura is a little out of the way in an empty plot of land along Decho Road, so not the most convenient stop!

Getting There: Chong Nonsi BTS station is the closest option to get to Decho Road. Look for the AIA Building nearby! Consider seeing this piece in conjunction with the one on Surawong Road

Bangkok Street Art Decho Space
This empty plot of land has graffiti works all around the walls underneath the Motomichi mural
Bangkok Street Art Decho Motomichi
A closer look at this graphic piece – more on his website here

Thanon Surawong

Greek artist Fikos has a rather interesting style – his golden mermaid is actually Sovann Macha, a ‘belief mermaid’ in Hindu and apparently Thai legends – more on that here.

Getting There: It’s kinda in the middle of Bang Rak – I’d check out the Decho Road work along with this, or take a detour between Saphan Taksin and Soi 32 works!

Bangkok Street Art Surawong Fikos
From across the street


This area is near the Chinatown and quite a lot more industrial. You’ll find yourself walking by scrap metal shops but look out for interesting art in random alleys.

Soi Wanit 2

Soi Wanit 2 is a rather industrial area – lots of scrap metal and production related shops in this area, so it may feel a bit to be wandering around here to look for art. But as I found in Seoul’s Mullae district, art can be hidden even in the most un-artsy seeming areas. Walk down Song Chao Rong Kueak and Soi Duang Tawan and just wander around the back alleys – I found some subtle and unexpected works here.

Getting There: Hua Lamphong BTS or the Bangkok Railway Station are your closest options, or consider taking a river taxi.

Bangkok Street Art Soi Wanit Painter
I like how this blends in with the other actual posters on the wall
Bangkok Street Art Soi Wanit Rims
The works here are quite subtle – you might not notice anything amiss about this row of rims at first glance!
Bangkok Street Art Soi Wanit Cat
Look around at everything closely!
Bangkok Street Art Soi Wanit Bicycle
The works here don’t seem to be by any one particularly famous?
Bangkok Street Art Soi Wanit Lady
I kinda like this random lady who looks like she’s about to taichi something
Bangkok Street Art Ship
This ship is quite long!

Song Wat Road

You are practically next to Chinatown and right behind Yaowarat Road, so it makes for a different sort of detour after you gorge yourself on good food and visit some temples! You will find 3 international works here – 2 of which are my personal favourites – along Song Wat Road

Getting There: Hua Lamphong BTS or the Bangkok Railway Station are your closest options, or consider taking a river taxi! Walk up Song Wat Road and you should see Aitch’s work first just a short distance from the temple. Walk another 2 blocks or so till you get to a carpark – you should see Aryz’s work facing you, turn around and Roa’s work is right opposite!

Bangkok Street Art Song Wat Aitch
Romanian artist Aitch has this large pink work at a major junction close to the Wat Pathum Khongkha Ratchaworawihan temple – she writes about it a little more here. I also saw her works in Bucharest
Bangkok Street Art Song Wat Roa
Belgian artist Roa has always been one of my favourites since I spotted his works in London and Lagos. These tumbling elephants – important native animals in Thailand – are no exception and very impressive
Bangkok Street Art Song Wat Aryz
Spanish artist Aryz is also another artist whose works I’m quite fond of after spying them in Lisbon and Lagos.

Looking for more street art works around South East Asia? Check out the full list of my street art guides for more.


Thursday 16th of January 2020

Always been a great fan of your guides and this one was no exception. Used it during my recent trip. For you and your other readers, there are new artworks done during the Pipit Banglamphu Street Art Festival in 2018, some of which are quite nice. Regards

Jaclynn Seah

Thursday 16th of January 2020

Good to know, thanks for the tip and reading!


Sunday 10th of March 2019

Next time i will use your post as a guide to find even more graffiti in Bangkok, cheers

Jaclynn Seah

Sunday 10th of March 2019

happy street art hunting!

mike smith

Friday 2nd of March 2018

Thanks! I used your blog as inspiration & followed lots of the trails. Will reference you in my blog in a month or so.

Jaclynn Seah

Saturday 3rd of March 2018

Thanks Mike glad you found it useful :)


Sunday 3rd of December 2017

that's really greatest i like a lot street art: few messages Inside but very importants come on............. much love bright


Monday 9th of October 2017

very nice review (took you some time (in that heat:) )