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Where to find Street Art in Kadikoy, Istanbul

I didn’t think I was going to find street art in Istanbul – Türkiye (Turkey) is a country that I associate more with awe-inspiring historic architecture like the Hagia Sophia and amazing Turkish culinary delights, so when a friend invited me to check out her favourite neighbourhood of Kadikoy, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many murals all over the walls of this district. I spent the afternoon exploring and put together this little guide to street art in Kadikoy.

Where is Kadikoy?

Kadikoy is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, an easy ferry ride away from Sultanahmet where I was based. Kadikoy has a more residential and indie sort of vibe compared to Sultanahmet and Beyoglu. It’s also pretty popular for its produce markets and little restaurants and cafes. I had a lovely lunch and walk around here with my friend before I went street art hunting on my own.

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Handy Google Map for you below. You’ll notice it maps out some of the newer works from the Mural-Ist festival that I haven’t seen for myself yet.

Street Art Festivals in Istanbul

Mural Istanbul is a street art festival organised with the support of the Kadikoy municipality that has been running 2012 – the works I found were mostly from 2013 (very strong influences of the Gezi Park protests which happened around the same time as the festival) and 2015.

I missed the 2016 and 2017 works so I have to go back again to find them someday – here are the locations of the 2016 and 2017 works respectively. You can also see some great pix and insights on the 2012-2014 artworks on the Mural Istanbul pages in Google Arts & Culture.

Rasimpasa Mahallesi

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Jaz Franco Fasoli
Franco Fasoli aka Jaz (Argentina) – One against One [2013]

I love this work by Jaz because it’s so striking – it has me imagining what the faces of these Turkish calvary men / horsemen are like, strategically positioned to be blocked by the strip of windows running down the middle. The wall overlooks a park and playground where you can sit down and admire this work. It reminds me a little of memorial statues that you might see in a park cast out of bronze.

60 Iskele Sokak, entrance of Ali Ismail Korkmaz Park

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Claudio Ethos
Claudio Ethos (Brazil) – Balao [2013]

Brazilian artist Claudio Ethos has a rather surreal balloon taking off. The faces are a little bit creepy. Something about it rising from the pile of junk in front of it that adds to the surrealism. You can’t see it so well here, but the balloon is tied to a bed.

63 Karakolhane Caddesi, between Macit Erbudak Sokak and Iskele Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Inti
Inti (Chile) – Resistancia [2013]

Inti‘s works are quite unique – these white faces are a trademark of his characters. This artwork looks deceptively straightforward, but if you look closely, the emblems imprinted all over are a bit of a call back to this Chilean’s South American roots – they remind me of Incan icons. Resistancia translates into resistance, endurance and strength, an idea that runs through his work, and also quite fitting given that this was painted around the time of the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul in summer 2013.

32 Tasli Bayir Sokak, junction with Macit Erbudak Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Freddy Sam
Freddy Sam (South Africa) – In Dreams [2013]

Ricky Lee Gordon aka Freddy Sam is a South African artist from Cape Town who is very much into promoting activism through his artwork.

This work titled In Dreams does seem a little dreamlike – an elephant wandering around at night in the middle of a city. The elephant is apparently a symbol for resistance in Africa, a nod to the 2013 protests that happened the same week as the festival.

53 Karakolhane Caddesi, junction with Macit Erbudak Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Canavar Cins Rad
Canavar and Cins and Rad (Türkiye) – Isimsizler [2013]

This is a collab by 3 Turkish artists – Cins, Canavar and Rad. Isimsizler translates into Anonymous, and this work is a reaction to the 2013 protests. You will see Cins’ distinct colourful monsters appear in another artwork in this post,  Canavar‘s work seems to lean towards the black figure, which leaves Rad as the one who did the graffiti style green and white piece? See some work in progress shots.

102 Karakolhane Caddesi, junction with Muhendis Sari Ali Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Levi Ponce Kristy Sandoval
Levi Ponce and Kristy Sandoval (USA) – Being Human / Human Being

This work by American artists Levi Ponce and Kristy Sandoval is pretty eye catching and you might notice that the portrait is inspired by the Mother and Child artwork found in the Hagia Sophia. Levi specialises in portraits and created the Mural Mile of Pacoima in San Fernando Valley in a bid to improve his home town with art. The crows on Kristy’s end are meant to symbolise the wisdom of Elders. This work is around the corner from the Turkish piece

102 Karakolhane Caddesi, junction with Muhendis Sari Ali Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Soldier Snakes
Don’t know who did these, but they are on the corner of Muhendis Sari Ali Sokak
Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art B Shanti
B.Shanti (Germany) – Occupy Antarctica / Penguins

I’m guessing Occupy Antarctica is some sort of social commentary on global warming and Türkiye’s involvement in that given that giant fez coming down upon the poor penguins? B.Shanti is from the same German crew Captain Borderline as Dabtar whose work is right next to his. His Turkish man named Sufi is quite surreal and colourful, and apparently made up of lots of symbols around the 2013 protests.

Junction of Muhendis Sari Ali Sokak with Kir Kahvesi Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Dabtar
Dabtar (Germany) – Sufi of Kadikoy / Totem

Osmanaga Mahallesi

This area of Kadikoy is more central and closer to the piers. According to my research, many of the 2014, 2016 and 2017 works can be found here – the ones I spotted were from the 2012 edition of Mural-Ist. I can’t believe I missed so many great works!

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Dome
Dome (Germany) – Ark Istanbul

I had this feeling that I’d seen Dome’s work before – something about the black and white and the people with the skinny limbs. I did a little bit of checking and it turns out I was right – I first spotted Dome back in Lagos, Portugal back in 2014. This particular work Ark Istanbul has so much detail in it, especially when you stare at it a little more. – I’ve also seen it named as ‘Noah’, so it’s probably some sort of call back to Noah’s Ark. Kinda love how surreal and beautiful it is, overlooking a tiny carpark.

15 Misaki Milli Sokak, at junction with Teyyaraseci Sami Sokak, side of Otel Aktas

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Amose
Amose (France) – Family

Amose is a French street artist whose characters are inspired by tribal art. I love the colourful nature of his works juxtaposed with the clean shapes of his characters, who tend to have very mask-like faces.

27 Misaki Milli Sokak, at junction with Kirmizi Kusak Sokak, side of Ayyildizlar Hotel

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art PixelPancho
Pixelpancho (Italy) – Bambino

I loved PixelPancho‘s work when I first saw it in Lisbon – the way he melds humans with these mechanical limbs is very distinct and striking. This particular work called Bambino (child in Italian) looks to me like quite a pointed commentary on child armies and terrorism. He did another work called Sultans in another location but I didn’t see it…

Nuzhet Efendi Sokak, from junction with Resit Efendi Sokak

Check out the Google Map to see all the other nearby works as well that I missed.

Caferaga Mahallesi

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Cins
Cins (Türkiye) – [2015]

Cins did several collabs in 2013, but returned in 2015 to paint his own art piece. I like the contrast of day and night happening here.

30 Sarraf Ali Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Aryz
Aryz (Spain) – [2015]

Another one of my favourites Aryz from Spain (saw him in Lisbon and Lagos and even Bangkok) came here to paint in 2015. His work looks like the cross section of a machine and its pipes – his work usually shows the inner workings of humans, so seeing the insides of a machine is a little different. There’s also something about his overall colour palette that is quite distinctive – love!

21 Sarraf Ali Sokak, at junction with Sivastopal Sokak

This was a long wall stretch somewhere along Moda Caddesi that has several graffiti works on it, including that of Canavar.

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Wall 2
Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Wall
Various including Canavar
Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Qbic
Rustam Qbic (Russia) – [2015]

This lovely surreal piece by Rustam Qbic with his surreal flower headed people which are a depiction of what’s actually in their heads. This particular artwork is a representation of his pregnant wife.

33 Agabey Sokak, near junction with Sair Nefi Sokak

Istanbul Kadikoy Street Art Highero
Malala Yousafzai by Highero

This particular piece isn’t for the Mural Istanbul festival, but I just thought it was a lovely portrait by local artist Highero of the Pakistani activist for female education Malala Yousafzai. The quote in her hijab translates into “A child, a teacher, a book and a pen can change the world”.

Junction of Moda Caddesi and Cem Sokak

Have you spotted any other cool street artworks in Kadikoy? Or let me know about other cool neighbourhoods to check out street art in – I found some in Beyoglu as well but definitely not as many as in Kadikoy.

Also, check out these other street art spots that I have visited in Asia, Europe and all around the world.


Wednesday 24th of October 2018

Hi Love this collection! I am in Istanbul next month and you have inspired me to visit. I'd like to interview an artist while out there for New Internationalist. Please email me if you can help.

Jaclynn Seah

Wednesday 24th of October 2018

Glad you enjoyed the blog! I don't know the artists personally so I can't really help there, but you could try reaching out to Mural Istanbul as well if it's about one of their murals :)

Ericka Mills

Thursday 4th of October 2018

Thank you so much for this guide. It was really helpful! There were a couple that were gone but most of them were right where you mapped it and I did see a couple new ones. I really liked Highero’s work!

Jaclynn Seah

Friday 5th of October 2018

That is kinda the nature of street art unfortunately, but I'm glad you managed to see some cool works anyway! :)

Dorota Yamadag

Monday 2nd of July 2018

Thank you so much !!!! I've see quite a few already, including my most favorite - Dome, but this is a wonderful guide !!!

Jaclynn Seah

Monday 2nd of July 2018

glad you found it useful! :)


Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the map and the addresses - I've seen so many posts like this where they don't tell you anything about how to find the pieces! I'm in Kadıköy for the next month, so I'm very excited to tackle this map. :-)

Jaclynn Seah

Thursday 23rd of November 2017

I understand! I have that problem too so I wanted to make it as easy as possible for someone else to find these pretty artworks :) There's a whole bunch of new artwork up from this year's festival, look out for those pieces!

Jade D'sa

Wednesday 4th of October 2017

So glad I came across this post! I look for street art wherever I go and this is just beautiful!

Jaclynn Seah

Wednesday 4th of October 2017

Glad you found it useful :) I love street art too - you can find more guides here