Making waves in Park Guell

A memory of Barcelona – I’d been to Barcelona with R for my post-graduation trip in 2007, so it was a bit like retracing my footsteps when the family decided to do Spain the following year. I ended up in Barcelona and Andalucia again, but on top of that we also visited Madrid and Malaga.

Here are my parents in Barcelona’s Park Guell, wandering around the park and basically just taking ridiculous photos (sorry Gaudi!). This was one of the more recent trips that our whole family took together where us kids were mostly grown up – I think my dad was just glad that he wouldn’t have to be the only person driving the road-trips anymore! We stayed in nice serviced apartments, quite a far cry from the hostels that I stayed in the year before.

Barcelona Park Guell Me

Travelling with the family is different from travelling with friends – you usually stay in better places, do different things (more family friendly, less solitary), and altogether have a rather different (still good!) experience. I’m quite glad for all the chances that I got to travel with my family.

Marking two years since my dad’s passing and a Happy Mother’s Day to my mum.

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