In Memoriam

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted or updated… Its been the longest 2 weeks of my life as my father suffered a massive stroke and passed away.

For those who knew my dad, he was a pilot, and it was his frequent flying and taking me around the world with him that spurred my own travel lust. I got to see so many places because of him, and how many people can claim that their father once ‘gave them a lift back home’ in an aeroplane? While he was always flying off somewhere, he never neglected me and my family, and we enjoyed a comfortable and blessed life because he took such good care of us.

This blog exists today in large part because of my dad, and as I prepared his eulogy, it occurred to be that I wanted to share a side of him I would only touch upon briefly in my speech. In the next few posts, you’ll probably see some of the adventures me and my dad shared in our trips together, a small tribute I can pay to a great figure in my life, and a way for me to remember him by.

My Vietnam solo trip has been postponed to the later part of this year when things have settled some. I still welcome any suggestions from anyone on things to check out when I’m there.

In memoriam, love you daddy.

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    1. thanks babe, appreciate it…

      i hope you’re having a blast on your trip, am keeping a lookout on your blog for updates on your exploits!

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