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Cherie Anyhowly’s Rules to Adventure By

My friend Cherie is an awesome, wonderful artist who creates the most distinct illustrations. She’s also a gung-ho motorbiking fanatic and has ridden her trusty bike all the way up from Singapore to Thailand and Myanmar and places I wouldn’t even think about driving to. (Added 2017: fun fact – we met up in Warsaw, Poland during my Career Break travels!)

As an artist and a traveller, she also does the most interesting travel journals which make me wish I could draw something prettier than my chicken scratches and faceless people – you’ll see more of her in an upcoming Wallpaper Wanderer post, but one thing I wanted to highlight and couldn’t fit into that post was this particular set of rules she had created, which I thought were very sensible thoughts fellow travellers could live by:

Rules to Adventure By Cherie

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Be curious but not stupidly  – very important for travellers whether you’re alone or not, it’s a fine line between the two.

Be trustful, but not more than of your own instinct  – I tend towards caution more than anything when I’m overseas, but there is something so nice about trustworthy people that makes that part of your journey so special. I’ve been lucky with the people I’ve met so far, and I hope I continue to be!

You can’t get lost if you don’t have a destination – Logical and True! Scary for the control freaks to consider though~

You can’t cock up if you don’t have a fixed plan – also very optimistic, which is a great skill travellers need to get through the rougher times.

Don’t eat things that are still breathingoops did that once already~

Don’t ride alone by night –  Oddly enough, navigating during the day and at night in the same place feels like two completely different locations to me, I generally only drive by day as far as possible.

You can never have enough duct tape – have not had opportunity to test this out, but I will say the same for tissue paper.

It could be worse – it can ALWAYS be worse, life only goes up from there! =)

What are your rules to adventure or travel by? Share your sage advice here!