My Dad the Pilot - Vintage photo

My Dad the pilot – a vintage photo from the family archives

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My Dad the Pilot - Vintage photo

Air travel back in the day


So my Dad would have been 63 over the weekend, something that occurred to me while I was putting together my own Ikea shelves for my new room – the last time I did that was with my Dad, so maybe that’s why it never occurred to me that you can actually pay people to do these things for you, because I’d always ever done it DIY style.

Anyway I wanted to share this vintage photo that we scanned awhile back for posterity. Either my parents or someone in my extended family managed to dig up a bunch of really old photos, and this is my favourite one of my Dad because he is looking kinda cool in it. He started out with the Boeing 747, before moving to the 777 later on when he became a Captain; he always was more fond of the Jumbo though, and I quote, because “4 engines is better than 2”.

Also, it is quite a hoot seeing what the fashion was like back in those days. Like really, are those serious bellbottoms going on?

For those wandering by here for the first time, my Dad was a pilot for a long, long time, even until the day he passed. He always took me places, whether by flying the plane or just giving me a lift in the car (and the motorbike, now that was an interesting time) and is probably one of the major reasons why travel is so ingrained in me :)

We had some interesting travels where it was just the 2 of us – here we are in Dubai, and Moscow, and in Seoul-Vancouver.

Anyone else have any vintage photos of travel back in the day to share?

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