Adventures of Two Girls Pam and Ning

Two girls take flight, many adventures await!

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Have you ever daydreamed about just throwing work aside, and grabbing your suitcase and just going on a trip somewhere? I know I do so, all the time.

So while fielding emails and checking artworks at work, I heard a radio interview about 2 Singaporean girls, packing their bags and jetting off for a 9 month round-the-world trip. Busy as I was, it still made me pause and check out their facebook page and website.

Radio DJ Pam and “Magic Babe” Ning are 2 best friends who scored a book deal and started the first leg of their trip in Hawaii, before moving down to LA and are now in San Francisco. Things like these definitely make me want to be less Occasional and more Traveller.

Do check out their facebook page for regular updates! I think its great that we can live vicariously through their exploits, but I also wonder if having to perpetually update on social media takes away from your own travelling experience? Because some times the whole point of travelling is to get away from being connected, no?


  1. Hi Jac!

    Just wanted to tell you that the ‘Anywhere cards Guide’ & the passport holders that I got from you last Dec were actually for these 2 lovely ladies’ adventures! :)

    They loved the items BTW.


    1. Hi Nat, that’s fantastic! I hope they put the cards into action =) i hope you liked the stuff too!

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