Wallpaper Wanderer: Coca Cola in Kish Island

Naomi’s Langkawi sunset picture really put me in the mood for the beach, but today’s Wallpaper Wanderer has an inspirational picture from somewhere rather rare. Elin is the creator of A Box From and tells us a bit more of one of the places that she’s visited.


Kish island, Iran

It’s always mind-boggling to have a coke, the most familiar taste, in a completely different part of the world. I was dining at a rare restaurant, one of few who are allowed to have live musicians perform (otherwise this is forbidden). The female guests performed advanced seat-dancing (dancing by women is also forbidden) and kids were happily running around to the beats. Familiar taste, very unfamiliar setting. This is why I like to travel.

It’s such a completely American item, who would have thought that Coca Cola would be a memory maker of an Iran trip? Elin’s entry is also a little unusual amongst all those we’ve seen so far, as it’s the only one which isn’t set against some sort of picturesque scenery. I like that it shows how different things inspire people to travel – some of you might have sound inspirations or smell memories even!

For those interested, I did a little research and found that Kish Island isn’t actually that hard to get to – apparently it’s quite a touristy spot and gets about a million visitors each year, and considered a rival of sorts to places like Dubai! But there are lots of countries that have bans on Iranian products, so if you do end up there, stuff you buy back might get confiscated at the airport >_<

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  1. Kish island is the most famous island in Iran.there are a lot of attractions and habits in this island and you can enjoy.

  2. Love your blog & writing. I just randomly stumbled upon it and realised that I’d already read one of your articles – How to piss of Singaporeans! That was brilliant. Would love if you could stop by my blog sometime.

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