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Wear the world on your Wrist – the Artelier World Cuff

These lovely world map inspired accessories are handmade by Cristina Ramella and are totally wanderlust worthy. While they’re a little out of my usual price range, they aren’t too exorbitant and I think they would make a great gift for the fashionable travel lover in your life.

I mean, it’s less permanent than a travel tattoo, and classy enough to wear to work or play. It’s such a nice reminder for yourself to travel more :)

(Do I sound like I’m trying to talk myself into splurging a little? Hm…)

Artelier World Cuff Gold Greece

I love the detailing of the map!

Artelier World Cuff Rhodium

The rhodium gunmetalish colour is my favourite, absolutely gorgeous! If I were to splurge, I would totally get this one


Artelier World Map ring rose

The ring version is slimmer, but no less exquisite


Artelier World Map ring

I think the pale pinkish colour would be quite popular with the ladies…

The world map series items are definitely my favourites, but here are two other travel themed items that I thought were also pretty cool:

Artelier NYC ring

This NYC ring is for anyone who doesn’t mind a little bulk – I love the 3D effect of the buildings!

Artelier Africa necklace

She has different pendants for different continents, so if you have a favourite one to visit, this is simple, not too pricey and still quite nice ;)

Do you have a favourite travel themed accessory? Share yours here!

Pictures used with permission from Cristina Ramella