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Weekend Wanderlusting – Bali (Again)!

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It’s been a crazy month at work, burning weekends and free time getting work sorted out. Anyone who’s had to help run an event will know that 99% of your time goes into making it turn out right and the remaining 1% of free time is for a quick nap before it’s time to go again!

So while I’ve got a whole holiday line up planned for October, I really needed a short break right now to recharge.


And maybe I’ve accumulated enough good karma from working hard, but I was very happy to see this invitation to my first press trip (whee! milestone!) in my inbox, timed perfectly well after my major events are done and I have a little free time.


I will be heading up to…

Sheraton Bali Kuta

Beaches and Bumming… Bali!


I know, I was just there in March for my birthday, but this time around it’s technically a work trip (yes, blogs and articles don’t just happen in 5 minutes!) and a short weekend getaway.


I’m going to be staying in…

Sheraton Bali Kuta

Sheraton Bali Kuta – this is a lovely picture, but unless this was taken really early in the morning, the beach does not look so pristine!

Sheraton Kuta Bali is a newly opened hotel is located smack in the middle of the touristy Kuta district so there’s sure to be a lot of buzz in the area. It’s actually right on top of one of the fancy malls we visited while wandering around Kuta called Beachwalk. No private beach though, but the pool looks pretty nice!


I’m going to…

Sheraton Bali Kuta

Bene – Italian Restaurant at Sheraton Bali Kuta

Based on what I’ve seen of the itinerary, there’s going to be a lot of eating as they are launching a new brunch concept, which is fine by me! You’ll hear more about this next week.

Sheraton Bali Kuta

Shine Spa – Sheraton Bali Kuta

And also… SPA-ING. You cannot imagine the smile on my face just thinking about getting a good massage at this point! My aching body is crying for some much needed attention.


I doubt I’m going to have much time to explore Kuta/Bali much, but it’s not really a concern for me because all I’m looking forward to this trip is a chance to chillax and get away from real life work. Bali’s a great place for a quick getaway because it’s only 3 hours by flight away from Singapore and still relatively affordable, so depending on your budget, you can stay quite comfortably or really live it up like a king.

More reports when I’m back next week! I’m headed out to the airport shortly, toodles and be good when I’m gone, my Occasional Travellers!

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