Dayang Dive Logs

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An overall note to say that these dive logs are gonna be pretty brief because I didn’t take that many pictures. Partly because we had open water divers on our course and visited the ‘boring sites’, another reason was that I was on my Rescue course and also because quite frankly, there wasn’t that much to take (more on that in a separate post!)

I am officially a spoiled diver – spoiled by the wonders of Manado where there is literally something to take every metre that you swim, spoiled by visiting places like Malapascua and Sipadan.

To be fair, you can see some awesome things in Dayang if you’re lucky – a group spotted a whale shark at Rayner’s rock while we were there, and we did see the hugest ass Barracuda that I’ve ever seen in my life while I as in the middle of my navigation skills, but there were also dives where the most exciting thing we saw was a white nudibranch the size of your fingernail, so forgive me if I seem a little unimpressed with Dayang overall…

Also, this was the first dive trip where I tested out my newly and personally designed dive logs! I get annoyed with pre-designed logbook pages because not all the info is always relevant to me, so I spent some time creating my own dive log pages. Anyone interested in them? I might consider printing them out on better paper on a larger scale if I can get the numbers…


Dive 1/5 (#76)
9th Mar 2013
10.48am (55 mins)

Giant Clam shrinks in when you get too close

I skipped the dawn dive on the first day as I was still tired from the long journey to the island. The water was surprisingly cold at 27 degrees and I was glad I had invested in long pants to stay warm! On the rescue course end of things, we had to ‘save’ a ‘tired diver’ (one of the leisure divers helping out) which was pretty manageable, except that we lost a brand new waistpouch when degearing her, oops!


Dive 2/5 (#77)
9th Mar 2013
2.49pm (41 mins)
Telok Miriam

Tiny white Nudibranch, the only highlight

That feeling you get when there is literally nothing at all to see on your dive save for a teeny tiny creature as long as your fingernail… For rescue we now had to tackle a 2-victim scenario (panicked and unconscious) – it does pay to take your time coming out of the water, because you have less to put back on before you jump in the water. We also did some shore exit scenarios and I found out what it was like to be carried in a fireman lift (poky for the diaphragm) and how to haul another person up a ladder stair.


Dive 3/5 (#78)
9th Mar 2013
5.13pm (50 mins)
Dayang Bay

Blue spotted stingray hiding

Pretty nudibranch

There was more coral here than in the other 2 sites, so a little more interesting as we also saw a really large yellow moray eel, I took a little more time here to practice on my underwater photography skills.

Goby on whip coral


Dive 4/5 (#79)
10th Mar 2013
7.47am (57 mins)
Dayang Bay

Diver and coral

Juvenile Barramundi and its wiggly dance

We returned to one of the dive sites from yesterday but headed to a different corner of the bay. We stayed in the very shallow areas to practice navigation skills, and perhaps it was the time of the day, but there were a number of interesting things here I didn’t manage to take – a juvenile batfish at the water’s surface, a GIANT (and I mean HUGE) barracuda on its own, more shoals of smaller barracuda… Didn’t take a lot of pictures here though because we were busy doing skills.


Dive 5/5 (#80)
10th Mar 2013
10.14am (39 mins)

My SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) from an earlier dive

rather disheartened by the lack of interesting creatures in the earlier dives, I decided not to take my camera down, and true enough there isn’t that much to see here either, other than 2 grey stingrays (small and baby-sized) flitting along the sandy slopes…


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