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Making Friends with Manta Rays in the Maldives

In Maldives, Scuba Diving by Jaclynn Seah6 Comments

So the other highlight of my Maldives dive trip besides the whale sharks was being able to see the majestic manta rays up close for the first time. I’d miss them previously in Malapascua, and I have seen various types of sting rays before this, but nothing is quite like the experience of having a huge manta ray (or a whole school) just swoop by you, flapping their large wings and ‘flying’ through the water. Photos don’t quite do manta rays justice because you have to see them in action to truly appreciate them. Check out my video below on …

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Scuba Diving in Bunaken and Manado – Octopi, pygmy seashorses and harlequin crabs

In Indonesia, Scuba Diving by Jaclynn Seah2 Comments

Diving in Manado is great for anyone who loves underwater photography – check out my dive logs in Bunaken as well as Lembeh Straits. We were back diving Manado and Bunaken after our Lembeh dives, which gave us an extra hour to sleep in =) Perhaps after the plethora of macro life in Lembeh we were a little spoiled, but there were still some great discoveries here, including the pretty harlequin crab, and how we almost came across a mimic octopus! Dive 12/16 (#71) 14th Nov 2012 9.45am (58 mins) 23.1m Bunaken – Mandolin This is a shallow reef which …