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How to Pack for a Shopping Trip [Go! Girl Guides Article]

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Crossposted from Go! Girl Guides, where I’m a contributing blogger. Check out the site for more great articles from other freewheelin’ travellin’ girls that go! Singapore, where I hail from, is a land of malls. We have new shopping malls sprouting up every year, and a recent survey found that shopping was second on the list of the average Singaporean’s favourite past times (the first was eating!). Being centrally located in South East Asia is a blessing for my wardrobe and a curse for my wallet – I love Bangkok, Taipei and Seoul for a huge range of affordable shopping! …

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My Love for Taiwan Hot Springs – Part 1

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Happy Friday people! It’s the first day I’m ‘jobless’ and it’s pretty gratifying to be lounging around at home while you know everyone is working… Anyway here’s a little post that’s been sitting around my drafts for awhile… enjoy and daydream on a Friday people! One huge reason I love going to Taiwan is that they are full of Hot Springs, or better known as Wen Chuen ??. In Singapore, our closest claim to a natural hot spring is a tap in Sembawang, so you can see why I’m so fascinated by the proliferation of them in Taiwan! Not only …

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Taiwan Tales 2 – Taipei (Yang Ming Shan + Bei Tou + Dan Shui)

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Yang Ming Shan ??? Here’s Mimi the resident Taiwanmex cat to start off this post: The next day we headed to Yang Ming Shan by catching Bus 260 from outside the Taipei Main Railway Station. The trip takes about an hour and drops you off at the YMS bus terminal, where you either hike around or take another bus to get around the place. YMS, to put it simply, is an old people place; other than us, everyone else on that bus (and that mountain) was old. Personally, I thought there wasn’t much to see there, but according to the …

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Taiwan Tales 1 – Taipei (Shilin)

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Hello Taiwan! Back then I had the good fortune of flying Singapore Airlines, so I met the rest who flew Jetstar at Chiang Kai Shek airport in Taoyuan (SIA lands at T1, Jetstar at T2, the landing time is pretty close, 6pm+) and the hostel people picked us up and brought us back to our hostel in Taipei City. It’s about an hour’s ride from Taoyuan airport into the main Taipei city, as you move from scenic mountainous views to building clusters. We stayed in Taiwanmex, which has a great location near ZhongShan MTR Station as well as being in …