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What type of travel journaller are you?

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So last Tuesday I headed down to Notabilia‘s place for my first lesson on book making! It was a cosy little gathering of 6 girls (all fellow bloggers *waves*) and a lone guy as the wonderfully talented Notabilia gave us a little background on book making and we even got to make a really cool one for ourselves!

Notablia Book Binding

We’re making a Concertina Book with accordion book folds here

See her much prettier pix here!

One thing she mentioned that got me thinking was about how books should be appreciated not just as convenient mediums for stories and words, but rather how the book and its structure is an artform in itself and should enhance its content, which ultimately got me thinking about travel journals and how people chronicle their travels.

Here’s why you should be making travel memories and how to go about it


What type of travel journaller are you? I thought about it some and narrowed it down:

The Constant Chronicler

You’re perpetually taking notes of your journey, keeping records of every moment and writing evey free opportunity you get. Your journal goes everywhere and goes through everything with you, your constant companion.

The Night Noter

You bring your journal along on trips, but writing is usually an afterthought, at the end of a long day when you find a moment to gather your thoughts, or while waiting for your connecting flight in the transit lounge.

The Aftermath Assembler

You gather and collect like a squirrel throughout your trip, but you only put together your notes and journals when you’re back. Hardworking ones do it immediately after, others like me do it only after an extended period of time, if ever at all!

The Serious Scrapbooker

You go all out to commemorate your trip – photos are printed, accessories are bought, and all scraps and memorabilia are painstakingly crafted and assembled into beautiful scrapbooks which everyone else is super jealous of!

What type are you?

Travel Journals

Travel bundles more than travel journals

I’m a cross between the Night Noter and the Aftermath Assembler – the ephemera I collect usually ends up in bundles in boxes along with my journal which I lug around with me and try to faithfully write before I go to sleep. Sometimes I sketch, I don’t usually get around to prettifying anything or printing photographs out nicely. (You can see evidence with my Taiwan journals here!)

So what I’m looking into next is a little journal making! I usually collect pretty notebooks, but perhaps this time I’ll actually be able to make them… stay tuned!


  1. I’m a cross between the aftermath assembler and the night noter. Except I often travel with my laptop so I write, save links and upload photos that way. I WISH I had the patience to be a serious scrapbooker. I keep all kinds of ephemera from my travels and never know what to do with it.

    See you in class tonight!

    1. I totally wish I was a serious scrapbooker, but I’m just… LAZY.
      I’m wondering if I could develop a type of journal that works for assemblers like us!
      Maybe class will provide some inspiration =)

    1. heh the iphone really makes things easier! I’m too lazy to use a proper camera when i’m on the go sometimes!

  2. This post makes me so happy. I am glad you had a great time in class and that you are thinking about content and form. See you soon!

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