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Scuba Diving Holidays: Why You Should Take the Plunge

I started scuba diving way back in 2004 when I took my PADI Open Water Certification, but it was only 3 years later when I started working that I decided to take my first diving holiday and since then, I’ve taken my rescue certification and dived in some incredible places around the world. If you love travel and are  thinking about learning to scuba dive, here’s a little about why scuba diving holidays are awesome.

Does the idea of a beach holiday simultaneously entrance you with its promise of relaxation, yet make you cringe with boredom?

There’s nothing quite like sipping a mai tai in a deckchair by the beach, but for some, there are only so many days you can take before you get bored out of your mind from just sitting and suntanning your entire holiday away.

But I found the solution, a way to enjoy the sun, sand and sea yet never get bored: I picked up scuba diving, and I’ve never looked back since. I try to go on a yearly pilgrimage, short breaks between daily life and intense sightseeing journeys, and I always look forward to them.

Here are three reasons why you should take the plunge and go on a diving holiday:

Eat. Sleep. Dive.

Maldives Diving LOB Gear Drying

Just waiting to go back underwater again!

If you’re looking to take a truly restful break, where you don’t have to worry about anything at all, consider going on a dive holiday. A typical trip starts off with breakfast and a morning dive. Then you have lunch, and you dive again. Maybe you’ll take a nap and in late afternoon on long summer days you can normally squeeze in another dive. Then it’s time for dinner and the more adventurous brave the waters in the dark for a night dive. Rinse off and repeat the next day. Eat. Sleep. Dive.

There’s something simple and straightforward about diving holidays, where all you need to do is look forward to your next dive. Most dive centres will have their trips planned out for the day, and all you’ll need to do is show up and gear up and you’re good to go. They’re usually pretty flexible too, so if you want to sit out a dive or two, there’s usually no problem either.

A whole new world

Philippines Anilao Rhinopia Full

That is a fish – a Rhinopia that ‘walks’ to be exact. I saw this in Anilao, Philippines

There’s also no way you’ll get bored, because every time you descend beneath the waves, you’ll find yourself privy to a completely different world. Granted, there are some world class aquariums out there nowadays that allow you to experience this underwater view without getting wet, but every descent in the ocean presents new opportunities and you’ll never know what might turn up; I particularly love chancing upon the odd turtle, or a grey reef shark, or shoals of barracuda, and I’m hoping that one day I’ll see that elusive whale shark (I did!).

There’s also something a little startling about encountering this bluish undersea world every time I dive, a reminder that the world is a lot bigger than the land, buildings and trees that you see every day… the earth consists over 70% water after all, so visiting all the countries in the world would still only mean that you’ve visited a quarter of the world!

A bonding affair

Maldives - Scubaddiction

Us and the boat crew!

Dive trips are a great way to make new friends as you’ll never dive alone (you have to have a buddy!). Also, there will be boat rides or rest periods between dives without a smartphone or wi-fi signal in sight, so you can chitchat and swap stories without distraction. Local dive instructors meet a ton of people in their job and are usually pretty friendly by nature, so you can count on a good tale or two if you make friends with them. Not into making new friends? Diving is a great way to bond with a buddy or partner, and if you have a big enough group of friends, you can probably wrangle a boat just for your group!

And did I mention the post-dive parties? There’s a 12 hr no-alcohol rule when you’re diving to ensure safety, but once the gear is rinsed and packed away, the divers are renowned for breaking out the beer cans and disco balls to party the night away!

I can’t wait for my next dive trip!

Have you ever thought about diving? What stories do you have to tell from your trips?

Crossposted from Go! Girl Guides, where I was a contributing blogger.