Dad in Moscow

Detours with Dad – a Moscow Memory

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Dad in Moscow

Dad in Moscow, 2007

I posted up a pic on Facebook last Friday to commemorate what would have been my Dad’s 62nd Birthday – it was a candid picture of him that I took when we were in Moscow, my last trip where it was just me and my Dad as I followed him on a flight to Dubai and Moscow (He was a pilot, for those who’re new here!).

Would you believe me if I told you that if you asked me what the name of the golden-domed church in the background was in the past 6 years, I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you?

This was before the era where I started to keep comprehensive travel journals – and when it came to travelling with my parents, and my Dad especially because he had been already been practically EVERYWHERE before I was born, I was quite content to just tag along and see the sights without any planning of my own. I also wasn’t very much into photography/journals so there was less worrying about getting good shots, or the name of where exactly I had been to. Travel was quite a different experience, a lot more carefree but to some extent a little more shallow because I don’t remember as much compared to my documented trips in recent years.

Also, the one thing about having my Dad as a guide is that he never was much into history and lore and odd facts; he knew the basics of the tourist spots and had a fantastic sense of direction, but any interesting factoids I usually picked up from my own browsing. My Dad may not have been the touristy sort, but he usually figured out the best way to get around and where the cheap good food near the hotel was!

I might have forgotten the name of the place before, but with the help of Google now, I can tell you that this church is called the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and it’s built along the Moscow river. We’ll let the pictures tell the story of this particular walk.

Moscow - Cathedral from afar

It was a pretty sunny day, terrific blue skies, and we were just walking over from the famous Red Square

Cathedral - Getting Closer

Getting closer to the spires. Check out that gleaming gold.

Jac and the Cathedral of our Saviour

Obligatory touristy shot from across the Moscow River

Park with Sculptures in Moscow

We passed a park with odd sculptures. I have a very distinct memory of thinking that these sculptures made quite a strange collection – on hindsight it looks to be some commentary on the justice system

Rainbow on the river


Bridge leading to Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Almost there…

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Probably my favourite shot! I don’t actually recall going into the Cathedral though, and I have no pictures either, but it seems like the sort of place where they wouldn’t allow you to take pictures…

Lamp Post

I have always been enamored with fancy lamp posts

Random Ship

And for the life of me I can’t explain this random ship

Wow after digging out these photos, I realize there’s a whole bunch of other Russian tales I’ve yet to tell! In the meantime, here’s an older post on this same trip when we were in Dubai, and one of another earlier trip to Seoul and Vancouver.

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