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If you have ever spent some time wandering through Singapore’s famous Changi Airport, you might have noticed these little Changi Recommends Booths located at the Arrival Halls of each terminal. Have you ever paused to consider, what on earth Changi is recommending to you?

Changi Recommends Booth
That’s how one of their booths looks like. Photo courtesy Changi Recommends

There are actually a surprising amount of services that these booths have that can help you travel better whether you’re headed overseas on a trip or you are a visitor coming into Singapore. Here are some of my favourite things and services I’d recommend (heh) that you check out at Changi Recommends:


For Outgoing Passengers

Stay in touch – you can rent portable wifi devices or buy SIM cards (HK, South Korea, Thailand only) for countries that you are visiting, so there’s no need to go hunting in the airport when you land. My favourite thing is the convenience of being able to rent and return right before and after your trip, so there’s no additional hassle in arranging delivery/pick-up or having to troop down to a place just to return.

Can’t decide whether a portable wifi device or SIM card works better for you? I did a rather thorough review of the pros and cons for you.


Changi Airport Souvenirs – want to remember this awesome airport? I’m quite intrigued by the miniature droplets of the kinetic rain sculpture – that’s the rather mesmerizing piece that you see at Terminal 1. I thought the tumblers were pretty nice as well.

For Incoming Visitors

Get Connected – You can also rent a portable wifi device for your visit to Singapore at $10/day, especially helpful for those who need multiple devices to be connected. The best way to ensure you have a device is to make an online reservation at least 3 days before your arrival date, and the moment you land at Changi Airport, you just need to pop by the booth and pick up your device before you head off to explore this little island. Returning the device is also a breeze, something you can do right after you’ve checked in and before you head into your gate.


Saving time and money on Tourist Attractions – If you are making a last minute decision to check out some of Singapore’s top tourist hotspots, Changi Recommends lets you book your tickets right at the booths when you land for the  Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari among others. It also offer some discounts on famous Singapore attractions like the S.E.A Aquarium, Universal Studios and Alive Museum.

Though you can get tickets online directly from the various attractions websites, what’s nice about the Changi Recommends voucher is that the ticket voucher is valid for 90 days, so you don’t have to book a specific day if you’re unsure about your itinerary. However, Changi Recommends only sells single adult or child tickets which works for solo/smaller groups and those who aren’t very comfortable with online bookings still – I’d suggest checking out the attractions websites or at the door if you’re looking for package deals or group discounts.


This post was brought to you by Changi Recommends.

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