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What are the things you have to carry with you when you travel? The lovely Clara from Bloomize invited me to participate in her What Travels With You series, where I talked about 5 must-have items when I travel. I thought I’d elaborate a little more on each point here:


I get cold really easily, so a light jacket is a must for me, especially on flights. I like my jackets bigger and more comfortable so I can snuggle, and a hoodie is always a plus especially if you want to lean on your headrest without feeling too icky about it. Pockets are also a bonus. I usually carry a light scarf as well so I have additional warmth or something to block the light if I want it.

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Me Inside
Jackets and scarves also come in very useful when you are visiting religious spots, like the Sheik Zayed mosque when I was in Abu Dhabi


I used to always carry a notebook with me to record my travels, it’s also useful for sticking in ephemera and other random bits and pieces, or accommodate my urges to draw. Sadly I’ve kinda fallen out of the habit in recent years as I put more effort into this blog, but I do miss travel journalling a little so I might do a bit of that.

These days I take pictures of just about everything, and I use the notes function in my phone to store some random thoughts.

Taiwan Tales Moleskine Journal Introduction
My grad trip from 2007 to Taiwan is forever immortalised in this journal – you can see more Taiwan Tales here

Fisherman’s Friend

I used to suck on these lemon lozenges pretty religiously, and I still do today but to a much lesser extent. They are great for freshening up if you’ve been eating a lot of heavy food, and sometimes if the beer tastes particularly bad I pop one of these as well.

Passport Holder

Singapore Passport Holder
My trusty old passport holder

I’ve had this passport holder since 2011 – it was one of the first products I was selling from my online travel shop at that time (very popular, it sold out in all 4 colours), and I’m still using it religiously today. I like that it has a wrist strap so I can hang on to my passport while handling my luggage. It also has my name debossed on the strap :)

Bag Tag

My sister made this for me a long time ago and it’s a very hardy strap that I still use to help recognise my own bag today. It’s kinda tattered because I got it caught in the wheels of luggage once, but it’s very identifiable.

Dublin Bansha Luggage
That blue strap has my named sewn on it – I was really happy to see my bag after being stuck for over 24 hours without a change of clothes!

I love seeing what other people deem essential to their own trips. What are your travel essentials?

4 thoughts on “My travel essentials”

  1. I came to you from Bloomize. I love to travel like you, too! I lived in Singapore many years ago. I can’t believe you can even sleep in your jacket in Singapore, but I remember that all the buildings in Singapore are air conditioned and I easily get cold, so I understand! Kaho

    1. At work I’m perpetually in a jacket too, but I actually don’t sleep in aircon… and I just caught a chill last night purely from my fan/cold night air! It actually can get pretty chilly at times… though I suppose you can’t compare to temperate countries… So yes, when I’m in winter countries I am always well bundled up!

  2. Loved your list on bloomize Jac. That little trunk is sooo cute and I loved your passport holder. Fisherman’s Friend is a bit too ‘hot’ for me though. Somehow I can’t take minty stuff that it too strong. I used to love Polo though.

    1. Hi Bookjunkie! Thanks for the compliment =) the little trunk you can get from Papermarket (raffles city or plaza singapura).. they have a bunch of designs, but I liked this best! Fishermen’s Friend Lemon is actually not v ‘hot’, which is why I like it~

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