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Beaches, Bumming and Birthdays! The Bali Trip Recap

So this Bali trip rounds up my intensive month of travelling in March after diving in Dayang and the wedding in Brisbane. It was my first time in Bali but overall a fairly relaxing trip to celebrate 3 birthdays (mine included!) and just to chillax. Here are some highlights from the trip:

Bali Birthday Trip Sketches

Some sketches from my journal on the trip

A lot of time was spent in our Mutiara Bali villa in the Seminyak area, though we did take the time to check out Jimbaran and Kuta as well, and visited a total of 3 beaches in this 4-day trip.

Bali Birthday Trip Seminyak Beach Sunset

Love the shallow shoreline and the reflective sand

To be honest, I’m still trying to decide how much I love Bali as a destination. Yes, you can live and eat like a king for relatively cheap, the beaches are decent though better if you’re willing to pay for a private stretch. But there are a ton of tourists at every corner in downtown Bali, and the shops reflect as much. The people are really friendly though, and while we had the usual touts and taxi drivers trying to overcharge us, most of the people we interacted with were especially helpful and forthcoming, so I’m definitely impressed by their warmth as a whole.

Considering how close it is to home it’s surprising that it took me so long to visit. I haven’t really got much of a benchmark for comparison, but I won’t say no to returning again one day!

(Added later: As of 2016, I’ve since visited Bali 6 times!)

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Monico Bali-travel-life

Tuesday 16th of April 2013

You sure did get a terrific sunset in Seminyak! Wow it looks more like a painting! How was the villa? Do you recommend it?


Tuesday 16th of April 2013

Hi Monico, the sunset was amazing... but only on that day! the other 2 days were overcast =/

The villa is pretty good, I would recommend it because service is good and it's pretty private, but if you want very close proximity to the beach it's a little far (but still walkable) - more here: