Brisbane Day Trip: Driving to Mount Tamborine

In our short time in Brisbane, we wandered around Brisbane City, and attended the lovely wedding out at Ocean View Estates, and on the one day we had free and we rented a car. C had done a bunch of research on places we could go to and found this Hinterland food and wine trail which we used as our reference.

We started out at The Nut Shed – it’s a pretty small shop, a tiny little place filled with Macadamia nuts of all sorts – there’s a small cafe if you’re hungry, and it’s a rather charming place to stretch your legs really.

Brisbane Tamborine Nut Shed Sign
Good food starts here!

We drove a little further along till we came to a main street looking area where there were lots of little shops. My favourite one that we poked into was Fudge Heaven, which is really my kinda heaven as it’s a store full of yummy fudge. Theyhad a liquor range called Adults-Only, and they’re really generous in letting you try their fudge flavours there, mmh yum.

Brisbane Tamborine Fudge Heaven Orgasmic
Orgasmic is really a cointreau-flavoured fudge – I had to buy some of course


Then we went a little bit further down the road to the MT Brewery (edit: this seems to have closed down or changed name/ownership) where we got to sample their local brews there is the Witches Chase Cheese Company as well as if you want to get some cheese tasting in. We got ourselves a tasting tray with 5 different beers to sample.

Brisbane Tamborine MT Beer
We tried 5 beers – Rainforest Lager, St Bridget Dubbel, Moderation Golden Ale, Cuvee Belgian Blonde, Black Cockatoo Dark Lager – they each came with a little description card
Brisbane Tamborine Beer Rating Sketch
Here is a sketch from my journal of our combined comments, the St Bridget’s was the favourite hands down!

After the beer, we were still in the mood for drinking so we took a drive further down to the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard for a yummy late lunch and more wine tasting. You pay $3 and are allowed to pick 5 different types of wines to sample, I didn’t buy anything back but it was pretty fun tasting all the different types of wines! We would have checked out the winery grounds some more but it was closed for a wedding. There are also glow-worm caves on site, but we passed on those to drink wine.

Brisbane Tamborine Cedar Creek Sandwich
Lunch! We had white wines during lunch and taste tested reds and roses after
Brisbane Tamborine Cedar Creek Purple Flower
This purple flower was really pretty – you can see the vineyards in the background

As most things in Australia go, stuff tends to shut around 4pm, so we decided to head back to Brisbane City and take a rest before heading out for dinner at West End. It was definitely a lovely day out. Here are all the places that we visited below:

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