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2013 Round Up – My trips

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Did you see my favourite writing and posts in 2013? Now lets take a look at where I managed to travel to for the year. I managed to to get a fair bit of travelling done, perhaps even consider it a landmark year as I went for my first overseas travel blogging conference and FAM trip.

In total, I spent about 38 days travelling, which is the same as last year, and given I had 18 days compared to 22 days last year, am quite happy with what I managed the same amount of travel.

  • Dayang diving trip (Mar) – 3D2N
  • Brisbane wedding (Mar) – 4D3N
  • Bali birthday holiday (Mar) – 4D3N
  • Kuta FAM trip (Aug) – 3D2N
  • Dublin/Prague solo trip (Oct) – 16D15N
  • Maldives diving trip (Nov) – 8D7N


2013 trips for The Occasional Traveller


My first trip was a nearby jaunt up to Dayang, Malaysia in early March where I took my rescue diver certification. Not a particularly exciting dive trip, but mission accomplished! Dayang trip recap here>>



Then I headed up to Australia a week later to attend an Unholies wedding out in the vineyards of Brisbane and spent some downtime in the city. Brisbane trip recaps here>>



At the end of March I spent my 29th birthday up in Bali, Indonesia with some friends, just catching up on sun, sand, sea and surf in our private villa. Bali trip recaps here>>



There was a long, long lull without any travelling, but I got a slight reprieve in August when I was invited out to Bali again by the Sheraton Hotels to check out the Sheraton Bali Kuta, a nice break after a busy work month. Kuta FAM trip recaps here>>



It was almost October by the time I finally got to head out on my annual solo trip and found myself headed to Dublin, a last minute choice to attend my first travel blog conference and workshops – BlogHouse and TBEX, while checking out the best this beautiful green country had to offer. Dublin trip recaps here>>



After all that travel blogging, I then headed to Prague, my original destination for my annual solo trip, where I enjoyed a cool autumn week on my own. Prague trip recaps here>>



My last trip for the year was the long-awaited scuba diving trip up to the Maldives where I spent a week living on a boat and finally saw my whale sharks and manta rays up close! More Maldives trip recaps here>>


Trips in 2014

In 2014, I’m hoping to do more trips, short weekend ones around the region to show you more trips you can undertake even as someone who holds a full-time job. First up I have a short rest and relax trip to Bangkok over the weekend with my girls in January (Was last there in 2012 – check out my posts here). Then I’ve booked another one to Perth in April to chill out. Maybe a Phnom Penh / Siem Reap trip in February and a Bali trip in March which is still being confirmed, and thinking about where I want to go for my big solo trip.

Where are you headed to in 2014? Share your trip ideas here!


  1. What I really admire about you is how you manage to fit in so much travel alongside a full-time job! I consider myself a full-time traveller and my list is barely this impressive! 🙂 Look forward to following your adventures in 2014!

    1. Author

      Thanks Jo! Meanwhile I’m all in awe about how you just went off and started travelling and exploring the world like that. You seriously have the best (and funniest) adventures! Here’s to more travels in 2014 and hopefully crossing paths in future!

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