Two Sides of Charles Bridge in Prague

Prague Charles Bridge Karluv Most

Catching up on Prague journals! When I was researching Prague, the Charles Bridge or Karluv Most was touted as its most famous and picturesque bridge, and one of the touristy must-sees of the city.

So imagine my horror on my very first morning in Prague exploring the city’s sights, when I was greeted by this sight:

Prague Charles Bridge
Call the police, where’s the rest of the bridge?!

The visibility was SHIT. When you stood on the bridge and looked out, you could barely see the banks, least to say the castle and town in the distance!

prague charles bridge
misty morning on the Charles Bridge

Was I doomed to be walking in autumn shrouds of fog and missing out on all the so-called beauty of Prague? Man was I disappointed!

prague charles bridge
So white the background just looks overexposed

I did get to admire the statues along the sides of the bridge as well as the intricate ceiling of the tower archway. Naturally because of the low visibility, it was not too crowded.

Prague Charles Bridge
admiring the intricate artwork

But then I went off for a city tour with Sandeman Free Walking Tours which took us around the Prague old city, then I headed up to Prague Castle for a gander. When I came back down, Charles Bridge was looking much more inviting (and also had a proportionate increase in the number of milling tourists on it)

Prague Charles Bridge
From the Lesser Town side, there’s a little area where the swans gather
Prague Charles Bridge
The sky was looking much prettier in the afternoon :)
Prague Charles Bridge
Taken on the bridge, looking towards the Lesser town side

It was late afternoon by the time I came back to the bridge, and it was much more bustling than it was earlier today. There were artists sketching caricatures, people selling random knick-knacks, and buskers charming the crowds with their tunes. Also, I found that you could actually climb up the Old Town Bridge Tower. Since the weather was looking pretty good, I decided to do exactly that.

Prague Charles Bridge
Look out for these signboards at various towers around Prague – it’s run by the Prague Museums, more info here.
Prague Charles Bridge
Doesn’t this look completely different from this morning! See the small windows on the right, you can look out of those as you ascend to the top platform, located between the small pointy rooftops.

The entry for the tower was 75 CZK. After spiraling your way up the old stone stairs, you finally end up at the roof level, an open air spot where you can walk around the 4 sides of the tower and look out at the city below. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Prague Charles Bridge
Open air platform that goes all the way around the tower roof. Don’t think it’s much fun if it’s raining!
Prague Charles Bridge
You can practically touch the roof shingles!
Prague Charles Bridge
There are plaques which tell you what landmarks you’re looking at. This particular side looks towards the New Town. My hostel is along the same road as that bridge in the distance.
Prague Charles Bridge
Looking towards the Old Town and looking down, death grip on my camera.
Prague Charles Bridge
Requisite tourist shot – my favourite side was of course the side overlooking Charles Bridge, Lesser Town (mala strana) and the Castle in the distance
Prague Charles Bridge
Artsy shot – taking in the stone detail
Prague Charles Bridge
Unblocked panorama of my view
Charles Bridge in Prague
And of course, one of my all-time fav shots of Charles Bridge in the late afternoon that was pretty popular on instagram

Reluctantly, I finally climbed down the tower. Look at the stark difference between this picture near sunset and my early morning picture at roughly the same angle. Almost like two different seasons altogether!

Prague Charles Bridge
Before Sunset

I headed in the direction of the new town down the river as I returned to my hostel for a quick break before dinner. The river Vltava was very peaceful, and I stopped to take more pictures, sketch a little and just enjoy the peaceful beautiful evening.

Prague Charles Bridge
Yet another view of Charles Bridge

Tourist Info

Cost: Prague bridge is free for all to access, but to climb up either the Old Town Bridge Tower (that I did) or the Lesser Town Bridge Tower (on the other end of the bridge) requires an admission fee of 75CZK, though there are discounted rates available.

Opening Hours: The towers open at 10am, and depending on the time of year, close at 6pm, 8pm or 10pm.

Find out more here.

Read more about my Prague adventures, including me drinking all the Pilsner Beer and taking a day trip to Kutna Hora to see the bone church and more.

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  1. What a lovely article! Such amazing photos! I’ve been to Prague many times but I’ve never actually gone up the tower at the bridge – I think you’ve convinced me it’s worth it!

    1. Thanks Murissa! Prague is supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, though I’ve heard Budapest is actually prettier to some! It’s all old quaint cobblestones, I think you’ll love it :)

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