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Scuba Diving in Bunaken and Manado – Octopi, pygmy seashorses and harlequin crabs

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Diving in Manado is great for anyone who loves underwater photography – check out my dive logs in Bunaken as well as Lembeh Straits. We were back diving Manado and Bunaken after our Lembeh dives, which gave us an extra hour to sleep in =) Perhaps after the plethora of macro life in Lembeh we were a little spoiled, but there were still some great discoveries here, including the pretty harlequin crab, and how we almost came across a mimic octopus! Dive 12/16 (#71) 14th Nov 2012 9.45am (58 mins) 23.1m Bunaken – Mandolin This is a shallow reef which …

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Scuba Diving in Manado – Lembeh Straits

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Lembeh Straits Manado’s Sulawesi region is one of the more well-known places to dive in Indonesia, and now I understand why – it truly is as awesome as people describe. The waters in the Lembeh Straits are quite calm as it is a sheltered stretch between the Manado mainland off the coast of Bitung, and Pulau Lembeh. You mostly get muck diving here, which means fine sandy bottoms with little coral reef where you can find all sorts of creatures hidden in the sand. It also means that if you accidentally kick up the sand, you need to wait for …

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Living it up at Cocotinos Manado

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For this particular trip, my group of 5 were a little tired of the cramped and occasionally icky conditions of our past dive accommodations, so this time around, we planned our stay at a pretty nice boutique hotel resort called Cocotinos Manado. The dive centre Odyssea Divers is based in the resort, so our dive package was settled by them as well.   Getting There Manado is located on the tip of North Sulawesi, about 3 hrs flight from Singapore (no time difference) so it’s pretty easy to get there. The Manado airport Sam Ratulangi is pretty small – basically a …