Swimming on top of the world at Marina Bay Sands

I’ve been yearning to go on a trip, and I think I might just up and plan a solo trip or something if I don’t take a nice vacation soon! But anyway, thought I’d share my last ‘touristy’ moment, even if it was in good ol’ Singapore, it sure felt a lot like I was somewhere foreign!

For the touristy or those just curious about how the lovely infinity pool on top of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands (The Casi… sorry, Integrated Resort) that picture above is the view from up there.

It is a truly lovely pool – fabulous views of downtown Singapore and the esplanade bay area. It’s also definitely what I would call a lounging pool, where you can put on your fabulous made-to-be-seen-and-not-swum-in bikinis and shades and just loll around. They have these seats which are half in and half out of the water, so great for tanning if you have the sun on your side, but kinda hard cause they’re plastic.

Marina Bay Sands Pool Deck
Lots of seating

The first time we were up there in the evening it had just rained, so the pool wasn’t too crowded, but man was it COLD. You are 57 stories up after all, so when that wind blows… brrrrr! And the pool isn’t heated either so getting into the pool (and then scuttling out after) can be challenging! I personally suspect they keep the pool colder so people don’t lounge there the whole day~

They have the most awesome pool towels though – warm, snugly and huge.

If anyone’s headed up there as a guest of the hotel, I advise heading over to the far end of the pool near the Ku De Ta side, it’s a bit more restricted, and farrrrr away from the screaming children and the kiddy pool. Really spoils your glamorous lounge when annoying children horseplay and splash water in your face.

Marina Bay Sands Pool Deck People
So many people omg

Also don’t forget to check out the Jacuzzi pools in the garden area facing the sea – currently the view is a lot of construction, I suppose when they do get it done eventually it should be pretty, but the jacuzzis are splendid options if you’re freezing from the pool, but also pretty small so go early to chope a spot!

Thanks to my friend JL for the pix!

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Me
Sunsets in Singapore

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