Anywhere Travel Guiding 2011 – Three

THREE – 15th Jan 2011 (Sat) – 4pm-ish @Lavender

I went to seek out Sarah from Sarah’s Loft (our first meeting! more surprises in the near future) and ended up in this somewhat off-the-beaten-track spot. It happened last week after the Jones lunch, but I didn’t want to blog about it before the place had officially opened!

Loysel’s Toy is a new little coffee joint by the same people behind Papa Palheta at Bukit Timah Road and I got a sneak peek at this hidden gem. It’s a nice place to hang out on a lazy weekend, with good friends and a cuppa and some baked goods courtesy of Sarah herself, who’s an avid baker! Really yummy stuff.

So while there, it started to POUR. Good ol’ crazy weather we’ve been having lately so I was stranded there for a bit, so I pulled out a card:

Anywhere Travel Guiding 3 - Card
Ok this wasn’t the first card I pulled, but the fact that I did pull it up is still kinda cool right!

This was apt as Loysel’s Toy is located at located at 66 Kampong Bugis, Sam Tat Building. Where in holy hell is that you ask? It’s right along the Kallang river, and right next to Kallang Riverside park – it’s a very chill out area, and quiet without being too inaccessible! I walked from Lavender MRT and with the great cool weather we’ve been having, it was a nice walk.

Anywhere Travel Guiding 3 - River
Well we’re right next to Kallang River so there’s no shortage of water around me, along with the super heavy rain! People paddle dragonboats a lot in this part


Anywhere Travel Guiding 3 - Building
Loysel’s is located on the first level of that block. I lightened up the picture so you can kinda see my favourite part about this building – the weird mustache girl right on the top level!


Anywhere Travel Guiding 3 - Dog
I wouldn’t say it rained cats and dogs, just that it rained a single dog…

This poor darling dog was lost in the nearby park and caught in the pouring rain. A kind passerby alerted us to its plight and we brought it over to the cafe, where it stood upon the stoop and shivered and quivered and didn’t make a peep. Poor baby~ We towel dried it and called the SPCA… I hope someone took it in because it had no collar so we suspect it got abandoned there as there aren’t any houses nearby for it to run away from, it’s a really sweet dog!

I hope to visit the place now that it’s officially open! And while I’m posting about it here, I’m secretly hoping not too many people go there so it’ll stay nice and quiet and cosy…

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