Bees and Tea in Cameron Highlands

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Hello look what I found languishing in my drafts! This was a pretty old trip which I’d done a post about previously for a friend asking about Cameron Highlands, which I took down to tidy up… well here it is again!

In the meantime, expect more great things from TOT coming your way, now that the fleas are done and I just received a really exciting delivery… more news coming by the end of the week!


So way back in 2006, the family decided to take a roadtrip to Cameron Highlands. In the past we always used to go to Genting Highlands, so this time we decided to go someplace else for a change.

Cameron Highlands is a lot further than Genting from Singapore, about 7-8 hours drive. It’s highways most of the way, and we had 2 drivers plus there are decent places to stop and rest and grab a bite, so it wasn’t too bad. I made the smart decision of grabbing all our couch cushions just before we left, so the passengers had a pretty comfortable ride.

We stayed in this place called Strawberry Park Resorts. Pretty decent place, there’s a balcony even to look out on the hillside. Looking at their room layout, I think we stayed in the Fresno apartments. Here was my room, which I affectionately refer to as “the cupboard”. I’m pretty sure this was a closet of sorts before they dumped a bed in and converted it to a bedroom.


There was also some sort of promotion where they gave us some cash vouchers that could be used within the hotel premises. I think we used ours to purchase tea back for friends and family, though according to their website, you can use it from things ranging from the spa to dining.

(My other friends who’ve been there swear by The Lakehouse – it’s a boutique hotel, and it sure looks pretty! Strawberry Park was decent but a tad old.)

This was just a relaxing trip. There aren’t any particular must-see sights in Cameron Highlands, it was mostly about spending time with the family and enjoy the nice aircon temperature air and hilltop views, so we spent most of out time chilling out and just leisurely visiting some of the spots in the area. Basically there’s just one ‘main road’ so you definitely will find it hard to get lost there.

One of the big things about Cameron is the tea. Plenty of tea. Lots and lots of tea. Tons of tea. Hills and valleys and… you get the drift. We visited the Boh Tea Plantation. There’s a little tour where you can see tour the factory and see how they harvest and manufacture tea. It’s a tedious process, even with machinery!

Tea plantation

Look at all that tea – I never realized how big tea plantations were. See all that green? That’s ALL tea bushes. and THIS is the small plantation.

Boh tea

THIS is the big one and just a part of it. It’s amazing, really. That nice view of Boh tea plantation was achieved by a rather hazardous and steep climb up through the tea bushes to a lookout point on higher ground.

at your own risk

There were lots of signs like this along the path and around the area!


There’s also a little teashop there called ‘ummph!’ in line with a past marketing campaign which naturally, serves Boh Tea for your enjoyment. We bought some Boh Tea back, but some of the more common types acan be easily found in supermarkets here, so people were wondering if I actually did go on a holiday and why was I buying them locally available tea. My defense was that I’m normally a tea drinker, so I didn’t know!

Along the way we visited a butterfly farm (with more weird insects and reptiles than actual butterflies). Nothing that special to see, it’s just your collection of odd insects and creatures, though you can get pretty up close and personal with some of them:

leaf insect thing

The guy in charge was very nonchalant about plucking the insects and sticking them all over the place. Here’s a leaf insect thing on my hand. It was rather ticklish. I drew the line at carrying the chameleon though.

We also visited a bee farm, where I learnt quite a fair bit about bees and honey and stuff.

bee, bee, beebeebee

In this tiny blowpipe looking things, there are tens of thousands of teeny tiny bees. so cute.


And here’s an interesting looking pond in the bee farm.

It’s not a very big farm, though you can get all sorts of odd bee/honeycomb products from here as well.

Food, in typical Malaysian style, was cheap and good. We ate steamboat 2 nights in a row at Just 13RM pax for yuanyang! (half ma la, half chicken stock) and man were we stuffed. Steamboat is also great in the cool weather, really warms you up inside!


All in all, quite a nice little getaway trip. More pix perhaps when I can locate them, these are all I have at the moment. There’s also a Cameron Highlands website, which has more info about the place.

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