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Attending the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony 2013

So if you’ve somehow missed the myriad of banners over the past month or so, The Occasional Traveller was nominated for Singapore Blog Awards Best Travel Blog, and I attended the awards ceremony on 6 July 2013 at Shanghai Dolly.

omysba2013 - Best Travel Blog Overview

Omy Singapore Blog Awards 2013

This was the first time attending so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – it was fairly simple all around, just a prize presentation ceremony attended by a whole sea of Singapore’s top bloggers who were nominated for the awards, with a fun photo booth and food for the masses. There was a 60s theme going on, having to write about it was hard already, but having to dress 60s? I was stumped at first, I ended up going with a late 60s Mod look which I thought did the theme justice (I’m really not much of a fancy dress person, I don’t even like Halloween much!)

I invited my friends Y and C along to check it out, and they were my number one supporters (and only supporters, most probably :p) who cheered loudly when my blog name was called as one of the finalists. I wasn’t expecting to win given the caliber of some of the other blogs in the category, though that free trip to Darwin would have been awesome to have. But anyway as expected, I didn’t win, and after taking some fun photos, we skipped out to the Fabulous Baker Boy for consolation cake.

Fabulous Baker Boy

Yummy chocolate cake! The Lemon was pretty good too

Kudos and congratulations to the winner Sock Peng from My Lovely Blue Sky – She blogs mostly in Chinese, sorry English readers! Also a shout out to Ivan of The Lazy Lizard Tales for Best Eco-Challenge blog – this dude’s blog is chockfull of really detailed posts on Singapore’s lesser seen nature side which I do hope to explore further some day (I promise to say hi to you if I ever see you in person in future! >_<).

All that aside, thanks to Omy for choosing me as a finalist – it is an honour and it’s definitely raised the profile of The Occasional Traveller up in the blogging world. Award or not, I’m definitely going to keep this blog interesting and meaningful for all of you travel lovers out there.