Richard Silver Time Sliced Easter Island

How the world’s landmarks looks in 24 hours

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It’s been a bit of a weekend, having some domain problems which had my site down for the entire weekend. I did feel kinda lost, and it’s thrown off my already spotty posting schedule even more as I spent more time troubleshooting than actually getting any writing done!

So I’m gonna distract you with pretty pictures today from the Time Sliced series by photographer Richard Silver, who took photos of famous landmarks around the world around sunset, which he then stitched together into a single image where you can see the light change from day to night in slices of time.

I like how you can almost see time passing you by as you look at the pictures and you can somehow feel the sunset taking place. Awesome work! See the full series on his website or over here at flickr (there’s a Marina Bay Sands one too!)

Richard Silver Time Sliced Rome

I want to see the coliseum in Rome some day!

Richard Silver Time Sliced London

London’s Westminster Abbey looks so regal

Richard Silver Time Sliced Istanbul

Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia is also another place on the bucket list

Richard Silver Time Sliced Easter Island

the Moa on Easter Island is one of my favourite pix of his entire series!

Richard Silver Time Sliced Beijing

Beijing’s birds nest stadium looks like a phoenix egg about to hatch!


Photos of Richard’s work via Colossal, used with permission.

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