That Time I Had To Get Rescued From A Ski Slope

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More Mishap Map stories for you, wherein things happen to be abroad and live to tell you the tales! Here’s one from my days before this website started, when I headed to Hokkaido with the family for a ski trip.

The last time I went skiing was when I was really quite small, so small that the rope pulley system on the Whistler Mountain slopes would pull me off my skis when I tried to hang on, so . We stayed at the Rusutsu Ski Resort and skied for 2 days – one day on the ski slopes, we decided to take the gondola up to the top of Mt Isola to check out the view as it was a really beautiful day!

Yes that is me under all that. I am a tropics type of girl!

On the gondola!

Look how steep the climb was!

The only problem we realized when we reached the top was that the gondolas for some reason were only one way! So while you could take them up, you couldn’t take them down again; the only way down was to ski! The issue here was that the slope was a pretty advanced slope – a red one if I’m not mistaken, and I’m very much a green beginner slope type. I did attempt it, spent a lot more time falling on my butt than anything else, but it was really slow going, painful and not to mention hazardous for myself and the people around me. About 100m in and too many falls later, I gave up and asked the nearby snow patrol for help – a guy on a snowmobile had to give me a lift all the way down the slope to the bottom.

Yup that’s how high up we were!

And here I am, bent over probably in pain from picking myself up a million times, owwie.

The moral of the story here is that not everything that goes up will come down again! And that skiing is painful¬† business and while I enjoyed most of it, I was seriously aching by the end of it all. Also, I managed to wipe out and hit my head so hard I had a headache after that and I broke the strap of this pair of goggles you see me wearing here, but that’s a story for another time…

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