What Drewscape Drew: Travel Journal Inspirations

My regular readers would know that I’m a big fan of travel journalling, and often carry a physical journal with me on my various trips. The Taiwan journals were my initial attempt at journalling on the go, and I’m quite fond of the more recent attempts for Kansai as well as UAE.

My chicken scratches are put to shame by these beautiful journals courtesy of Singaporean-based artist Andrew  Tan or better known as Drewscape from his recent vacation to Japan. Like me, he discovered the wonders of Japanese ink stamps at every destination.

Drewscape Japan Journal - Plane Window Drewscape Japan Journal - Food Drewscape Japan Journal - Ink Stamp

But unlike me, he produced real works of art on the go – can you believe that all these were drawn on the move, dependent on how much time he had in each location? I couldn’t even draw like that even if you gave me a week…

Of course, Drewscape is also the first Singaporean artist to be nominated for an Eisner Award for his recent work “Moving Forward” found in the comic anthology Monsters, Miracles and Mayonnaise, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about it – I’m just going to go gawk at his great sketches some more and be inspired to work a bit harder on my next travel journal.

Check out more of his work here.

All pictures taken from Drewscape’s Blog and used with the permission of the artist Andrew Tan.

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