A memory of following the Beatles in Liverpool

Been a tad busy with work of late, but I wanted to spend a little time paying a little tribute to an old family trip way back in 2005 to the UK where we visited Bath, Liverpool, Manchester and London.

This was a rare trip where it was just me and my parents, without either of my sisters – perhaps the only trip I can think of? The funny thing behind this picture was in our roadtrip to Liverpool to check out the whole Beatles-mania, we cheaped out on paying to go on the Beatles bus tour, and instead chose to surreptitiously follow behind the tour bus in our own car; so we saw the sights, though none of us were big enough fans to really know what exactly we were looking at.

We managed it for awhile, till we lost the bus (how you lose a big tour bus I honestly don’t know!) and we somehow found our way back to the main museum. That was quite a fun little driving adventure!

My Dad was always more of a Carpenters fan, though he knew enough of the popular Beatles songs to sing along to them. A year really flies by.

And Happy Mothers Day to my mum who continues to enjoy her travels, and I hope to have more journeys with her.

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