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5 things you didn’t know about Singapore

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One thing I came to realise from travelling all around the world is that people all over actually know very little about Singapore, or they have very strange concepts about life in Singapore. Most people can tell you that Singapore is small, it’s hot, it’s very clean and you can’t chew gum here, nuh uh, or they’ll fine you or maybe even cane you!

My best story is reading a comment online by some guy who was very certain that if you misbehave in Singapore, they will chop off your head. That was a true LOL moment for me but let me just put it on record right up front that capital punishment in Singapore has never involved chopping off any heads.

(Although there was that time someone got murdered and his limbs were chopped up and cooked into curry, now that’s… gruesome)

I’ve written these lesser known facts about Singapore for several publications to date – This Culture Trip article I wrote about the 11 Incredible Things You never Knew about Singapore is my most updated rendition that I love best, but I’m pretty proud of this early article I did for Go See Write when I first started writing for them about the 5 things you didn’t know about Singapore.

But here are 5 of my favourite weird facts about Singapore that I like to wow people with:

Singapore noodles does NOT exist in Singapore

This is a travesty of a noodle

Most Singaporeans live in public housing


The national language is actually Malay


The Singapore Archipelago consists of 63 Islands





  1. Same. I was a full-time employee who had very little fixed number of leave days :(
    I took many short trips to countries around Thailand (where I live in). And, Singapore was my first trip overseas. I’ve been there twice and still want to go there again!

    1. Author

      Hi Wannee thanks for your comment! I’ve only been to Bangkok so far, hopefully I can visit more of Thailand soon :)

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