Have You Found My Camera?

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New Zealand Sunset

So there I was, New Zealand 2005, there I was on the second last day of a romp around the South Island with P when we stopped at the side of a random country road to take pictures of the magnificent sunset. I remember it, even without the picture above that P took –  the sky was a fiery dusky pink as it descended into darkness. That’s what made us stop, after all.

And that my friends, was also the last I saw of my sister’s camera. We turned the car inside out when we reached back, P’s friend J even hopped into the dumpster where we tossed our trash to check, but nope, no signs of that little red camera. Thankfully though, I had backed up most of my pix from the previous 7 days into P’s computer, so I only lost that last day’s worth of snaps, but man, that was not a great way to depart NZ!

I like to think that my little red camera lies somewhere along that lonely road, probably done in by rain and lost amidst the grass, digital memories of my trip forever corrupted, but not forgotten.

Or you know, someone might have picked it up and gotten some use out of it, and that ain’t a bad thing either~

I did look for my pix when I came across IFoundYourCamera.net though, just in case. I think it’s a fascinating idea, to hope that you make a one-in-a-million match to reunite with your lost camera! The slim chance of a honest, tech-savvy and thoughtful finder connecting with that sad, equally tech-savvy and desperate seeker… it’s like the cliched plot of any ol’ RomCom, but hey, it’s not as if it can’t happen!

Wonder what people would have thought of me, just browsing through my shots? I was all of 21, full of youthful vigor (hah!) and it was my first solo plane ride and airport experience and my first overseas roadtripping type of adventure without the family.

Now I look back with some fondness at those carefree days, me and P still remain good friends today (if you can survive the trip, the friendship usually isn’t a problem), and now we’re dive buddies too and I intend to drag her along to Cebu this year to see THRESHER SHARKS. AWESOME. (Take leave now P!)

link via Travelettes

P/S I heard the news about the earthquake in Christchurch with some dread in the pit of my gut – I didn’t spend much time there, but it’s still a place I’d been to all the same, and that always hits home. Stay safe Kiwis out there~


    Also, I remember your missing camera! 🙁 I still think the rental car guys took it.

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