Wish You Were Anywhere Postcards

Are you one of those travellers who will faithfully remember to send out postcards to your loved ones back home when you’re overseas?

Travel Postcard
Customize your own travel destinations and paths with stickers!

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones – this World Travel Postcard by Suck UK has a blank world map that comes with various stickers in which you can customize and send a note to tell someone that you wish they were there with you! Better still, send them back to your home address and keep a collection of your trips all mapped out, like a mini travel journal snapshot!

Travel Postcard
Handy blank arrows and travel icons

Makes you wonder why you didn’t think about this yourself. It is something you could probably recreate yourself if you are the crafty sort, you just need to print some blank world maps on postcard sized cards…

Travel Postcard
A fun way to track your trips.

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