Delicate Arch - Utah, USA

Wallpaper Wanderer: The Delicate Arch of Utah

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Big props to anyone who might have noticed it’s gone a bit quiet suddenly – work has taken precedence right now! Regular readers will know I work in the arts, so this month has been quite unusual as I am currently temporarily seconded over to the SEA Games 2015, which is probably one of Singapore’s largest sporting events in a long awhile! My temporary role revolves around writing and social media, so trust me when I say I’m just way too tired to blog at the end of each day, even if it’s been crazy fun.

It’s coming to an end though, but as a bit of a cheat while I get back on track, here’s something from a fellow travel blogger to get you wanderlusting. You can’t imagine how much I’ve been wanting to take a holiday this past month!

The last wanderlust-inducing picture was from Budapest by my friends the Travel Addicts. This time around I’m featuring a new friend who’s inspired by a place that I’m honestly surprised hasn’t featured before – from the US of A!


 Akanksha Singh:

Arches National Park, Utah, United States

The Arches National Park is home to one of the most awe-inspiring views I’ve yet to see. The park’s most famous naturally-formed arch, the Delicate Arch is a stunning copper beauty that arguably looks better in person (OK, perhaps I’m being biased… I am a geologist, after all– hello, sandstone!). 
Jokes aside, the arch actually is iconic– so much so that it commonly features on Utah’s license plates. The main reason I fell in love with this view was because it was one I came to earn after a fairly solid hike in the desert sun. The arch frames the La Sal Mountains in the background, contrasted by the blue skies; just stunning!

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