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Wallpaper Wanderer: Sunset in Langkawi

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Did you enjoy Clare’s Verona bridge? That sun-drenched bridge has amazing colours and a feeling of summer, but now it’s time for something a little different but no less wanderlust inducing.

Naomi is someone I got to know through a cause that I volunteer with in Singapore called Room to Read, which promotes global literacy for women and children. She was part of my social media team and very enthusiastic and had an amazing energy, and while she’s relocated back to the USA to be with her family, she still continues to have great adventures, and you can check her out at her blog Box 53B.

Wallpaper Wanderer - Naomi

She says this isn’t one of her best photos, but I think its pretty cool PLUS it’s meaningful!

Naomi Hattaway:

Langkawi, Malaysia

When I think about travel, it’s always a far away location that springs to mind. This photograph was taken in Langkawi, Malaysia. At the time, it was only a one hour flight from Singapore … which meant this destination was NOT far away and instead, you could argue that you could make it a day trip! The photo reminds me to NEVER get lazy when traveling … take every opportunity, whether it’s exploring your neighborhood or flying across an ocean!


That’s a firm reminder to me as well to always be a curious traveller, even when I’m not overseas and stuck in my own hometown! This year I’ve tried to explore Singapore a bit more, and in this lull of travel I’ve put up more local Singapore discoveries, and it’s led to some pretty interesting things, like this watermelon playground in a random housing estate (look out for more in my AFAR Wanderlist: Singapore’s Surprises!).


Do you have something that inspires you to travel?

What do you put on your wallpaper or just look at to inspire yourself to travel? It could be a fabulous quote, inspirational people, picturesque scenery, or even a quirky picture on your fridge… Wallpaper Wanderer is here to make you wanderlust! Send in your picture and a short blurb telling me about it, either through email to theoccasionaltraveller [at] gmail [dot] com, through the facebook app here or at the Wallpaper Wanderer Page. I’ll pick my favourite ones and feature them here and on Facebook!

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