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Wallpaper Wanderer: Ponte Pietra Bridge in Verona

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Enough of Singapore for now, it’s time to cast our wanderlusting eyes to lands further afoot! Today’s Wallpaper Wanderer is a fellow deskbound travel lover – Clare from Need Another Holiday (seriously who doesn’t!) who seems set to visit all of Europe if she could just get more time off work. I love finding other travellers out there in the same boat as me, working full-time so we can afford to travel! She’s sent in a really postcard worthy picture, check it out!

Wallpaper Wanderer - Clare

It’s like a rainbow palette

Clare Farrell:

The Ponte Pietra Bridge in Verona

I didn’t realise quite how beautiful the Italian city of Verona was when I first arrived. It rained and rained that day and it seemed like the downpours would never stop. But the dawn of a new morning brought blue skies with it, and Verona shone full of the bright colour that the rain had kept me from noticing.
The wonderfully old Ponte Pietra Roman bridge was just a stone’s throw from where I stayed and the photo opportunities were everywhere. I’d visited both Venice and Rome before (both places I loved), so I was no stranger to the charms of all things Italian. But it was here in Verona that I really fell in love with Italy.


The colours in this photograph are just amazing! I’ve been to Venice and Milan myself, but I remember it being quite grey and cold mostly because it was autumn/winter. I really want to check out Verona if it’s as picturesque and sunny as this photo!


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