Wallpaper Wanderer: See Ya Later in Okanagan

Did you enjoy the beautiful mountain pass of Peru by Travel Addicts? For our first Wallpaper Wanderer of 2014, we bring to you another member of BlogHouse Ireland – the sweet Murissa was my fellow mentee and noob blogger. Like me, she holds a day job in sales for her family business, but her love for travel and great food is why she’s known as The Wanderfull Traveler, an expert of her current home town in Canada and always looking for that next culinary adventure.

I’ll let Murissa tell you more:

Murissa Shalapata:

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

This image is of the Okanagan Valley in southern British Columbia, Canada. In the far distance is Okanagan Lake at it’s south end nearest to the USA/Canada border. The lake serpentines northward and upon it’s ridges, cliffs and surrounding mountains are award winning wineries such as See Ya Later Ranch, the winery where this image was taken.

With Canada’s only desert to the south and the cold mountains bringing in cool air various micro climates are created ideal for growing finicky grapes like pinot noir and producing Canada’s best produce including our famous Okanagan apples and cherries. I am lucky enough to live in this eclectic valley where the food and wine are coming into its own and gaining world recognition.

This image, despite it being an image of home for me, inspires me to travel whether it be internationally or locally because it offers a different perspective. I have lived in the Okanagan for 7 years but only on my 7th year did I find this gem of a view and winery. The image serves as an emblem of exploration which encourages me to see more of my home and the world in order to experience different perspectives. No matter how much you think you know travel, even within your own country, always makes you beg to differ.

Canada is largely unexplored for me – I’ve been to Toronto and Vancouver with the family in the past, but nowhere has British Columbia been on my radar. There were quite a lot of Canadians in Bloghouse though, and after seeing pictures like these and hearing their stories, I think I might have to figure out when and how to get there some day!

I like how she’s become an expert of her home country – sometimes I feel that while I’ve lived in Singapore all my life, I don’t quite know it as well as I should, which is why I’ve dedicated some time and space to exploring my own home country.

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4 thoughts on “Wallpaper Wanderer: See Ya Later in Okanagan”

  1. Thanks Jaclynn!
    It may sound odd that my home inspires me to travel – not because I hate it lol – but because there’s so much to see within it and so many travellers live here. I am always discovering new places to see and restaurants to visit because there are also a lot of foodies here too (as is the case wherever wine grows).

    Love this series and am honoured to be the first of 2014!
    Happy new year!

    1. I think it’s great that you’re inspired by home, and it actually should be something more travel lovers should keep in mind, especially if they can’t find the chance to get away :)

      Happy new year to you too!

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